Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s “Miracle Baby” Is Fake News

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Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Baby

By Michael Lewittes |

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Baby

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Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with Blake Shelton’s “miracle baby,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this fake news story from Celebrity Insider, a site that cuts and pastes fabricated articles from other outlets without fact-checking. We’re told the claim is completely “false.”

Picking up on an already debunked story from the equally untrustworthy OK!, the website contends Stefani and Shelton are celebrating “two big changes,” namely being married and Stefani expecting their first baby. The site takes the tabloid’s unnamed “source” at its word that Stefani is a “few months along,” following successful IVF treatments. The online outlet adds, “Multiple sources over the past two years have reported on how much the couple would like to have a baby of their own.”

The blog even repeats the false contention that the two singers wed at “Stefani’s home a few days before Christmas.” Naturally, the site has no details about the alleged marriage ceremony. And that’s because it never took place. Shelton and Stefani did not have a secret wedding in the backyard of her Beverly Hills home or anywhere else, and no reputable publication has ever claimed otherwise.

The reality is the site appears to not really have any sources of its own who are close or remotely connected to Shelton or Stefani. In fact, Gossip Cop has yet to find a big, accurate scoop that’s been broken by that blog. Instead, Celebrity Insider seems to just pick up and rewrite whatever is out there, be it fake news or another site’s reporting.

As far as we can tell, there is no legal record in California of Shelton and Stefani having tied the knot around Christmas. What’s more, the two were photographed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico a few weeks later. If anything, the pictures there of Shelton and Stefani strolling on the beach give no indication that she’s a “few months along” with a baby. Actually, the images show the “No Doubt” singer with a bump-less bare belly holding a drink. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a Stefani insider, who laughed off the latest unverified speculation before adding, on the condition of anonymity, that it’s “false.”

Of course, Gossip Cop is not surprised that the blog’s latest article is wrong. Just a few weeks ago, we busted the same outlet when it untruthfully claimed Shelton cheated on Stefani. We’ve also exposed the site for spreading fake rumors about Stefani and Shelton breaking up. It seems the only “miracle” here would be if the outlet actually got a story right on its own.