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Gwen Stefani is not pregnant or married to Blake Shelton, despite a new report. A certain tabloid is once again serving readers bad dish. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue claims.

The allegations are coming from OK!, and if you'll feel like you're experiencing deja vu, there's a good reason why. The gossip magazine has been running pregnancy and marriage stories about the couple virtually since they got together more than two years ago. In the last six months alone, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for claiming Stefani was pregnant with twins last July and for alleging this January that she and Shelton were married in a "backyard wedding." It's with that history in mind that you should consider this latest article, which contends, "Sources says Gwen Stefani is pregnant at 48 with Blake Shelton's child — and they secretly tied the knot."

The publication contends that when the pair went to Mexico this month to participate in Luke Bryan's annual Crash My Playa concert, "it wasn't just another romantic getaway." Rather, it's specifically asserted they were "secretly celebrating two huge changes in their lives: a wedding and a baby." Mind you, Gossip Cop already called out the tabloid last week for wrongly alleging Shelton and Stefani's trip was a honeymoon.

The magazine goes on to repeat its debunked claims about the duo marrying in a "small, cozy ceremony just before Christmas at Gwen's Beverly Hills home." It's then alleged that Stefani is "rumored to be pregnant with Blake's first child." A so-called "confidant" is quoted as saying, "They're keeping things quiet for now, but have shared the news with those closest to them." And what, those people turned around and leaked something so private and personal to the gossip media?

Sure, if you believe this narrative, in which the supposed source goes on to assert, "The buzz is she's a few months along and everyone who knows is absolutely delighted for them." Of course, Stefani had nary a baby bump in sight when she walked the beach in a bikini with Shelton, beverages in hand. The rest of the story goes into her supposed desire for the baby to be a girl and how she believes the country superstar will be the "most amazing father."

The outlet maintains the couple is "reveling in their good fortune and enjoying quiet time together before the world gets winds of what's happening." And the alleged tipster further purports the No Doubt front woman is "staying under the radar a bit." Yet Stefani was just photographed out and about in Beverly Hills days ago. Curiously, the publication actually features a photo from that outing to accompany its article, but wrongly says it was taken in New York City.

If OK! can't get that detail right, and with the track record outlined above, there seems to be little reason to take any of its contentions seriously. Gossip Cop would also like to draw attention to something else. Peppered throughout the piece are the phrases "word is," "the buzz is," "friends say," "rumored to be." Used by both the tabloid and the alleged "confidant," they are ways to put distance between making the claims and taking responsibility for them. And if this supposed source was really close enough to be a "confidant," shouldn't he or she know things firsthand and not have to rely on "buzz"?

The bottom line is the magazine is simply up to its same old tricks. It keeps peddling the same kinds stories over and over, never taking responsibility for spreading such falsehoods in the past. How could Stefani be a "few months along" now if she was expecting twins last summer? Don't hold your breath waiting for an explanation, because OK! is not going to give one. So Gossip Cop will: All of these pregnancy and marriage claims are made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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