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Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with Blake Shelton's baby, despite a report. A certain website is once again making up phony and false stories. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust it.

"Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Blake Shelton's Baby? Why Friends Think She's Got A Secret," reads the headline of this bogus "exclusive" from HollywoodLife. In the article, the site claims to have "exclusive details" on "clues" Stefani is expecting a child. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Gwen's body has changed very subtly this month and those close to her suspect she could be pregnant." This supposed snitch maintains Stefani hasn't had alcohol "in weeks," and further alleges her pals think she's been "glowing lately."

The blog's untraceable and unidentifiable insider goes on to contend, "She has been also wearing baggier clothing lately and friends feel like she must be keeping a secret." Adds this purported tipster, "Those that see her daily are convinced she might finally be pregnant with Blake's baby... They can only guess what's really going on and hope for her to break the news soon." In other words, this (almost assuredly nonexistent) "source" is outright admitting that there's no confirmation Stefani is pregnant, and this is all just "guesses." It's also telling that nothing is said about Stefani's "baby plans" including surrogacy and adoption, which is what the outlet claimed a mere 10 days ago.

Apparently the online publication has already forgotten all about that narrative. HollywoodLies, as it's known for its tendency to make-up stories, also seems to have forgotten that it already tried this current stunt last summer. On August 29, 2017, the website alleged Stefani was "acting like she's pregnant" and "giving off preggo vibes." Now almost exactly nine months have gone by, and not only is it clear that Stefani was not pregnant then, but the blog is now offering a suspiciously similar storyline about her supposedly seeming like she's expecting. (See screengrabs below.)

Aside from this being a transparently redundant angle and the "source" admitting its information is based on "guesses," there's more evidence that this new piece is manufactured and inaccurate. For example, it's alleged the singer is "wearing baggier clothing," but when Stefani and Shelton went to a park less than a month ago, she stripped off her sweater to reveal a tank top that flattered her trim torso. There was also nothing baggy about her outfit at April's ACM Awards (see photo above). Additionally, Stefani will be starting her Las Vegas residency in June, and dates are scheduled through March of next year. That wouldn't be feasible with a pregnancy.

And since HollywoodLies supposedly based this article on what "those close" to Stefani think, Gossip Cop checked in with her spokesperson, who obviously works with her regularly, and he tells us it's "not true" she is pregnant. The rep further confirms that this is just "more untrue bull" from an outlet that has spread a lot of it. In fact, as the screengrab below shows, this outlet has spent, quite literally, years spreading false pregnancy rumors. It is easy to tell this is another one.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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