Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with Blake Shelton's baby, despite what a tabloid article seems to believe. She has cancelled a few Las Vegas performances, but it's not because she's expecting. Gossip Cop investigated the story and found no truth to it.

Following Stefani's cancellation of three shows in her Las Vegas Just a Girl residency, the Globe is theorizing it must be because she's carrying a child. A mysterious "source" tells the tabloid that Stefani, 50, is "over the moon" about the pregnancy, but has friends "telling her that she needs to take it easy." It's said the "Hollaback Girl" singer is experiencing a "rare and extreme form of morning sickness" that has even put her in the hospital.

Shelton is "very concerned," claims the source, "but Gwen's assured him she's in good hands." The tabloid isn't hesitant to bring up Stefani's age and suggests that "recent infertility issues" have given the couple cause for concern. The questionable insider says she "nearly gave up" after several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, but "her faith and endurance paid off and a miracle happened!" Both Stefani and Shelton are apparently hoping for a girl, the source finishes, "but for now, Gwen's got to rest and relax to ensure a healthy pregnancy."

We're all for Stefani keeping things healthy and stress-free during pregnancy, except for the fact that she isn't pregnant. The story is a total fabrication. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to the music stars, who confirmed for us that the singer isn't expecting.

Additionally, the story's premise makes no sense. While Stefani did indeed cancel four shows due to an unspecified illness in the first couple weeks of February, all of those shows have been rescheduled and her residency is going through May. If Stefani were indeed focused on rest and relaxation during a pregnancy, she wouldn't continue doing constant evening performances for the next three months.

As one of the music industry's most famous couples, Stefani and Shelton are no strangers to ridiculous rumors about themselves. The Globe in particular seems to enjoy inventing stories about the singers. In 2018, the tabloid published a story alleging that Stefani and Shelton were adopting a two-year-old daughter together. Last August, the unreliable publication claimed Stefani was forcing Shelton to go on a diet to lose weight. Gossip Cop debunked both rumors as false. The tabloid is just desperate to find drama that isn't there.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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