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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not having a "miracle baby" or any baby for that matter, despite a new tabloid cover story. The inaccurate report comes from a magazine that has been wrong for years about Stefani being pregnant with Shelton's child. Still, Gossip Cop investigated and we found out the latest claims about her expecting and being secretly married to Shelton are also untrue.

Not satisfied with falsely claiming in 2015, 2016, and 2017 that Stefani was pregnant, OK! once more maintains the No Doubt singer is having a little girl. "Gwen & Blake: Miracle Baby At 49!" exclaims the cover of this week's magazine. It also promises to give details about how "Blake chose the name" for his supposed daughter and the "wedding surprise nobody expected."

According to the tabloid, Stefani first "sparked pregnancy rumors" when she was photographed in Beverly Hills a little more than a week ago "in loose clothing." And while that sounds a little wishy-washy, the magazine then more resolutely asserts Shelton and Stefani are "expecting their first child together." The outlet further contends, after having spent $230,000 on unsuccessful treatments, Stefani's "third round of IVF" was "finally a success."

Throughout the article, the outlet alternates between definitively stating Stefani is pregnant and employing vague, unsourced quotations, such as "Gwen's giving every indication that's she's pregnant, and it looks like she may already have a baby bump." A supposed friend of hers allegedly adds, "This is the miracle they've been praying for." Actually, Stefani really being pregnant this time around seems like the miracle the magazine is praying for, having falsely made this claim many times before.

Next, the publication's non-traceable "source" says, "They recently invited their loved ones to Blake's ranch in Oklahoma and announced that they're having a girl." The unnamed and identifiable tipster goes on claim Shelton has "already chosen a name." And while the outlet's supposed insider purports to know that Stefani and Shelton are having a girl, he or she clearly has no clue when the baby is due or the name Shelton has picked out for her because neither of those specifics are mentioned. That's because the entire story is fabricated.

Not content with one phony premise in its article, towards the end of its cover story, the outlet nebulously claims, "Amid the baby news, sources are spilling that the longtime couple have already made things official.... There are whispers that they quietly tied the knot six months ago." Of course, how much of an "insider" could that person be if she or he doesn't have any wedding details and has only heard "whispers."

Conversely, allow Gossip Cop to say loud and clear: Stefani and Shelton are not married. They didn't "quietly" become husband and wife half a year ago or nine months ago in January when the same tabloid previously swore up and down Stefani and Shelton had a "backyard wedding" at her home.

As Gossip Cop mentioned above, OK! has a less than OK record when it comes to reporting about the couple. Back in 2015, we busted the tabloid when it falsely maintained on its cover that Stefani and Shelton were having a baby. The following year the magazine doubled down, claiming she was having twins in a story titled, "Gwen Pregnant With 2 Girls!" Undeterred and clearly not embarrassed by repeatedly being wrong, the publication again untruthfully asserted Stefani was pregnant with Shelton's baby in 2017.

You would think the outlet would have given up with its phony pregnancy stories, but it didn't. And while the magazine hides behind anonymous sources and noncommittal phrases like "pregnancy rumors" and how Stefani "may already have a baby bump," Gossip Cop deals with facts, and they are that the singer is not expecting a baby. Stefani's rep, who's authorized to speak on her behalf, exclusively tells us the tabloid's article is simply "not true." Not even a "miracle" can help the publication out this time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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