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HollywoodLife thinks Gwen Stefani is pregnant and apparently believes it found a smoking gun: She wore a "baggy tee." This, of course, is not actually proof that the singer is expecting. And, as Gossip Cop already reported on Thursday, her spokesperson has confirmed she's not pregnant.

But this is one of the site's favorite storylines. Since she and Blake Shelton began dating in late 2015, the blog has repeatedly claimed Stefani is pregnant. Not once has the outlet been correct. That's among the reasons its latest offering on the subject should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

"Is that a baby bump she's hiding!?" the website asks in its latest misguided story. The online publication accuses the songstress of "fueling rumors that she's carrying BF Blake Shelton's baby" by wearing "baggy clothes." HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed due to all the tall tales it tells, fails to mention that it started those "rumors." Instead, it puts all of the onus on Stefani, questioning, "Does she have something to hide?!" The issue, it seems, is the star wore a "colorful tropical-themed jacket over an enormous blue t-shirt." Contends the site, "Sure, it's not exactly summer out in LA but wearing a big jacket seems a bit strange. And if she is pregnant, why keep it under wraps?"

To answer the latter question, if Stefani was pregnant (and she's not), she'd be entitled to keep it "under wraps" for however long she wanted. She needn't go public just because a gossip blog thinks she should. As for the contention that it's "a bit strange" she stepped out wearing a "baggy tee" with a jacket, AccuWeather shows the high temperature in Los Angeles on Friday was only 69deg, with a low of 57deg. Donning a jacket isn't unreasonable; it's practical.

And there is no basis for linking this particular clothing selection to a pregnancy. Stefani wore a sweater that fully covered her midsection in 2016. Was she pregnant then? No. More recently, when Stefani and Shelton took her kids to the park just a few weeks ago, she wore a sweater, which she took off and wrapped around her waist to stay in just a tank top. Clearly, she likes layering. More significantly, the photos of her in the tank show Stefani is not "hiding" a "baby bump" whatsoever. Her torso appears as slim as ever.

But HollywoodLies often fails to research or fact-check before putting forth half-baked theories like this one. As Gossip Cop already reported, Stefani is not pregnant, according to her rep. And as we explained then, a pregnancy would not be conducive to the performer's upcoming career plans. Stefani is committed to a Las Vegas residency, which is scheduled to begin in June and has dates slated through early next year.

If, for argument's sake, she was even one month pregnant now, she'd be roughly seven months along by the time the scheduled December shows roll around. Stefani wouldn't be able to do her typical high-energy sets, which usually see her bounding across the stage. She'd have to disappoint fans by canceling the concerts, and could possibly even be in breach of her contract with Planet Hollywood. A pregnancy between now and March of 2019 just isn't realistic.

But just like the tabloids, HollywoodLies usually prefers to present fantasy, peddling stories that ignore basic logic and readily available evidence. The irony here is that the outlet thinks it has proof Stefani is pregnant when there's far more proof that she's not. The website may not want to tell readers the truth, but Gossip Cop always will.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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