Gwen Stefani Still NOT Pregnant, Despite Report

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Gwen Stefani Pregnant In Touch December 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Pregnant In Touch December 2015

(In Touch)

Gwen Stefani is still NOT pregnant, despite a new tabloid cover story. Once again, Gossip Cop can correct the claim.

This week’s issue of In Touch announces Stefani’s supposed pregnancy on its cover, claiming to have details on her “baby joy” with Blake Shelton, her “cravings,” and even “their secret getaway to celebrate the happy news.” In the accompanying story, a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Gwen is pregnant. She and Blake are overjoyed.”

“He’s always wanted to have kids and now his dream is coming true,” the supposed “source” says of Shelton. The story goes on to use the couple’s recent stop at a Dairy Queen as proof of Stefani’s “cravings,” and the rest of the piece is filled out with claims of divorce tension with her estranged husband Gavin Rossdale. “The only thing making things better is being with Blake — and knowing they’re starting a family together,” writes the magazine.

The alleged In Touch tipster adds, “She’s ecstatic about the baby — and more in love than ever. Gavin can’t take any of that way from her.” No, Rossdale cannot take a baby away from Stefani. But there’s no baby to take.

Gossip Cop has already reported several times that Stefani is not pregnant, something she herself indicated as well by going to a winery earlier this week with Shelton. And In Touch has no credibility when it comes to the couple, considering this is the same outlet that claimed earlier this month that Shelton and Stefani were eloping. A rep for the No Doubt front-woman even flat-out told us exclusively that the allegation was “untrue.”

Furthermore, it’s awfully suspect that the tabloid is suddenly claiming Stefani’s pregnant when three weeks ago it said she and Shelton were talking about wanting to have a child together. Now, poof, there’s a pregnancy all of a sudden? Right. And, by the way, Stefani’s rep also told us the baby plans cover story was “not true.” Gossip Cop now looks forward to seeing out of touch In Touch continues to be in 2016.


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