Story About Gwen Stefani “Miscarriage” Putting Blake Shelton Wedding “In Jeopardy” Is Made Up

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Gwen Stefani Miscarriage Blake Shelton Wedding

By Michael Lewittes |

Gwen Stefani Miscarriage Blake Shelton Wedding

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A new report claiming Gwen Stefani “suffered a devastating miscarriage” that shattered her “baby dreams” and in turn put her “wedding” to Blake Shelton “in jeopardy,” is not only made up, but may also be a new low for a particular website. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this awful, fabricated story. We’re told it’s untrue.

The horrible report comes from RadarOnline, an outlet that has published a mind-boggling number of fake news stories about Stefani and Shelton. After maintaining she miscarried the country singer’s baby and derailed their “plans to have children,” the often discredited site grotesquely exclaims Stefani’s “pals [are] concerned the tragedy has damaged her emotionally!” Continuing its practical excitement, a seemingly concocted “source” is quoted as saying, “It was very hard for her… since she and Blake tried to have a baby for at least a year-and-a-half!”

The website then contends that Stefani “learned about the tragedy during a recent visit with her obstetrician… though she’s remained silent about their loss.” “She was crushed when the ultrasound technician was unable to detect a heartbeat!” blurts the so-called source. The supposed Stefani “pal,” who seems to have looked up everyone’s age, then says in terribly unnatural language, “Gwen is 48 and was very insecure about not being able to give Blake a baby,” adding, “She knows that would never be a problem for his ex Miranda Lambert because she’s only 34!” “They’ve even put all their marriage plans on hold,” concludes the blog’s seemingly phony source.

There is so much wrong with RadarOnline’s story it’s difficult to decide where to begin. For starters, as Gossip Cop was told by an insider, Stefani was not pregnant with Shelton’s child. In fact, just a month ago, Stefani was pictured smiling on a beach in Mexico with Shelton in a bikini showcasing her tight belly and with a drink in her hand. Yet, the repeatedly disproven outlet asserts in its tasteless tale that she found out about the (nonexistent) miscarriage “during a recent visit with her obstetrician.” Of course, the site can’t say when exactly this supposed tragedy occurred because it’s all made-up.

Next, the blog maintains that following the fabricated miscarriage, Stefani has “remained silent about their loss,” yet it also contends “pals are concerned the tragedy has damaged her emotionally.” If she was quiet about losing a baby, how come so many “pals” know about it? And what real friends would discuss such a sad event with a website that has published a stream of lies about her and Shelton?

And then there are those almost assuredly fake quotations that include Stefani and Lambert’s ages designed to create more drama. But the most disgusting part of this article, if one can limit it to a single aspect, is that the site falsely asserts Stefani’s “pals” are leaking personal information about a tragedy, while punctuating each of their sentences with an exclamation point. Does a real friend giddily exclaim, “She was crushed when the ultrasound technician was unable to detect a heartbeat!”?

This isn’t how real people discuss miscarriage. This is fake news at its lowest. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every article.

For the most part, Gossip Cop has debunked inaccurate stories from that site, ranging from a phony claim that NBC executives urged the couple to get engaged on “The Voice” to contradictorily asserting Shelton and Stefani were faking their relationship on the music competition show while they really “battle[d] behind the scenes.” And while those reports could just be deemed bad reporting, the blog’s latest article is simply in bad taste. A Stefani confidante assures Gossip Cop, “It’s made up.”

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Gwen Stefani suffered a miscarriage that shattered her baby dreams and now her wedding to Blake Shelton is in jeopardy.

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Gwen Stefani suffered a miscarriage and has now put her wedding with Blake Shelton on hold.

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Gwen Stefani miscarries Blake Shelton’s baby.

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