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Pitting female celebrities against each other is a tired, old tabloid trope. The shameful practice has spread to the web, where outlets like HollywoodLife try to stir up controversy by comparing stars who are supposedly rivals. In this latest example, the site chose to focus on Blake Shelton's current girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert.

"Gwen Stefani Vs. Miranda Lambert — Which Of Blake Shelton's Loves Has The Sexiest Looks?" the webloid is asking. The accompanying story begins, "Blake Shelton has been romantically linked to two absolutely stunning women in recent years: his ex-wife Miranda Lambert and the blonde bombshell Gwen Stefani! So, which knows how to rock the sexiest looks?!" But though it's a compliment to call both ladies "absolutely stunning," the outlet has set up a competition in which readers are asked to vote in a poll to determine "who has the sexiest looks."

This was purposefully done not for celebrating Stefani and Lambert's respective style, but to rile up their fan bases, which have been feuding on social media ever since Shelton began dating the No Doubt front woman in the wake of his divorce from the country songstress. Though Shelton and Lambert split more than two years ago, HollywoodLies still routinely links them with made-up stories. The online publication is trying to keep up with the charade that there's an ongoing love triangle with Stefani when that's 100 percent not the case. It's a fake narrative, one that the bad blog reprehensibly fueled exactly a month ago with a fabricated "exclusive" that ridiculously claimed it learned Shelton loves Stefani's bikini body more than Lambert's.

Now the webloid is again pitting the music stars against each other based on their looks, and this faux journalism, in addition to being clickbait, is also an instance of body-shaming. More than 2,700 votes have been cast in the aforementioned poll, with 51 percent voting in favor of Lambert. The implication, then, is that Stefani looks worse. And, unsurprisingly, the article's comments section is now filled with derogatory remarks about both singers as users argue over who is prettier.

But there are also commenters who have rightly pointed out that this is a "stupid comparison to try to stir the pot." Another reader, using the site's nickname, stated, "HollywoodLies needs to stop these fake stories and childish comparisons." Gossip Cop agrees. Back in July, the outlet similarly pit Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid's bikini bodies against each other simply because they have The Weeknd as a common boyfriend. It was disgusting then, and this new instance with Stefani and Lambert is as well.

Making this article more egregious, HolllywoodLies admits it was prompted to craft this piece by an untrue tabloid cover story that falsely claimed Shelton "dumped" Stefani. Contends the online publication, "Since Blake's romantic future could be up in the air, it feels like a good time to consider which of his ladyloves has the sexiest style." No. An erroneous breakup report is not a valid reason to compare Stefani and Lambert's looks. There will never be a legitimate reason for such comparisons other than a desperation for traffic. The webloid should be ashamed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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