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Did Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert have a secret meeting about Blake Shelton? That's what one tabloid with a sketchy history is claiming. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue report.

The questionable story appears in the new issue of OK!, under the headline, "Miranda & Gwen Face Off Over Blake!" According to the article, when Lambert went to Los Angeles in early February for her "Livin' Like Hippies Tour," Stefani did the "unthinkable" and "invited her over" to her Hollywood Hills home. The gossip magazine asserts this "shocking sit-down... was conceived as a chance to talk out any hard feelings" about Shelton. As is well-known, he and Lambert divorced in July of 2015, and then Shelton and Stefani went public as a couple that November.

The outlet describes Stefani and Lambert as "dueling divas" who were "cool at first," until "things soon got heated." The publication points out Lambert and Shelton "both mined their divorce for albums," and claims they have "taken digs at each other privately and even in public." As a result, the tabloid alleges Stefani used the purported meeting to ask Lambert to "cool it with the bitterness."

"Tempers flared," a so-called "source" claims to the magazine, which contends Lambert "accused Gwen of cruelly throwing her relationship in her face." The supposed snitch alleges that in response, Stefani "spat that Miranda was just jealous and should get over it." The outlet asserts they "managed to simmer down," but Lambert "couldn't resist throwing one last punch." Maintains the specious insider, "Miranda told Gwen, 'Nothing will ever come between me and Blake.' She said their bond is just too strong." The publication even sums up the purported get-together as a "proposed peace summit turned all-out war."

But there's a few problems here. First off, if Lambert has "bitterness" towards Shelton and has been taking "digs" at him, why would she brag to Stefani about them sharing a strong "bond"? That makes little sense. Second, the tabloid buries in its tale the claim that Lambert "reportedly dumped" Anderson East "weeks ago." If the magazine really has a "source," as alleged, why didn't it seek confirmation one way or the other?

Third, while Lambert did have a tour stop in Los Angeles on February 10, that was roughly a month ago already. Why are these claims about a visit to Stefani's home just coming out now, weeks later, and why hasn't any reputable publication also reported about a meeting taking place? And lastly, what happened to the babies?

You know, the twins OK! claimed Stefani and Shelton were expecting last July. The outlet's allegation was so off-base, there's actually video of Shelton mocking the claim at a recent concert. Notably, nothing is said in this new tale about the couple having kids, or about them being married, which was another untrue contention peddled by the tabloid in recent months.

Well, there's a simple answer to all of these questions: The claims are fishy because they aren't true. The gossip media has been speculating for more than two years about a Stefani-Lambert showdown, but such an event has never come to pass. And this purported face-off never happened, either, Gossip Cop is assured by a Stefani confidante, who wasn't at liberty to comment on the record.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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