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Gwen Stefani Sexiest Looks Miranda Lambert Compared

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Gwen Stefani is NOT telling Miranda Lambert to "get over" Blake Shelton, despite a new report that attempts to portray the two as rivals. Gossip Cop can debunk the seemingly fabricated story.

As Gossip Cop reported, Lambert sang "Tin Man" at the 2017 ACM Awards on Sunday, a song that seems to be about her divorce from Shelton. She also mentioned her "heartbreak" in an acceptance speech. Now HollywoodLife is purporting to know Stefani's reaction.

"Gwen Stefani Wants Miranda Lambert To Get Over Blake Shelton Split: 'It's Time To Move On,'" blares the headline of this "exclusive," which says, "Miranda Lambert threw a subtle diss at her ex Blake Shelton when she won Album of the Year at the ACM Awards on April 2. While many fans were living for it, his new girlfriend Gwen Stefani was not pleased."

The story alleges Stefani was "not amused" when Lambert alluded to the divorce, and claims she "thinks it's about time Miranda stopped talking about Blake." A so-called "source" is quoted as telling the widely-discredited webloid, "Gwen thinks Miranda really needs to focus on her current relationship and not her ex. Gwen gets that Miranda's split with Blake was heartbreaking but come on, it's time to move on."

"Gwen struggled to get over Gavin [Rossdale] but she did it and now it's all about her relationship with Blake," continues the supposed snitch. "None of them need to be living in the past!" Of course, it's really HollywoodLies that's living in the past. The bad blog connects the respective former couples whenever possible, trying to gain traffic by gaming Google with original content and riling up fan bases.

This is just the latest example. In the wake of the ACMs, the repeatedly wrong publication wasn't content to just do a news story on Lambert's performance and wins. It also ran three follow-up articles all tied to Shelton. And just as this tale proclaims to know Stefani's reaction to Lambert at the ACM Awards, one of the previous pieces purported to know how he felt, claiming Shelton's "terrified" Lambert will "always be singing about him."

Gossip Cop exposed that as a manufactured story, and this one about Stefani is, too. HollywoodLies is simply doing what it always does: Taking a topic and exploiting it by pretending to have "exclusive" insight. Yet Gossip Cop has repeatedly demonstrated the inaccuracy of the webloid's "sources," if any such sources even really exist. After all, we're talking about a site that last year kept flip-flopping on Shelton and Stefani getting married.

A fabrication factory that has always been out of the loop is not suddenly in the loop now. And let's get real: The claims in this latest piece don't even make much sense. Just Lambert did, Stefani sang about her own ex on her last album, too. And she continues to discuss her divorce from Rossdale in interviews. It would be the epitome of hypocrisy for Stefani to demand Lambert "move on" and "get over" her past when Stefani's own past still part of her present.

Gossip Cop also has no doubt that if the situation was reversed, and Shelton sang at the ACMs about Lambert, readers would've been treated to Lambert's supposed reaction. Our favorite line, though, is probably this one: "Gwen is now dating musician hunk Anderson East, and they seemed happier than ever at the ACMs together." Last time Gossip Cop checked, East is Lambert's boyfriend, not Stefani's. We rest our case.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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