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A tabloid cover story announcing a "miracle baby at 47" for Gwen Stefani is fake news from the same magazine that falsely claimed she suffered a miscarriage last year. Gossip Cop can once again expose the falsehoods. We're told it's untrue.

In late 2015, Star published a cover story wrongly claiming Stefani was pregnant with Blake Shelton's baby. As we rightly reported at the time, she was not expecting. A few months later, in March 2016, the outlet ran another cover story, speculating Stefani had a miscarriage. The gross, insensitive article was nothing but a way for the publication to cover up its pregnancy lie.

Now just over a year later, the tabloid wants readers to believe it when claiming once again "Gwen's pregnant!" The cover of the new issue blares, "Blake & Gwen Miracle Baby At 47!" But after the previous lies, how does Star know Stefani is really pregnant now? Well, the piece starts by detailing her Mother's Day weekend outing with Shelton. An "eyewitness" is quoted as saying the country superstar was "beaming, looking very much like a proud papa." That's a rather odd thing for a random person to say, as a stranger would have no idea whether Shelton is set to become a father or not. Yet the magazine conveniently claims the "special celebration" wasn't for the Mother's Day holiday, but because Stefani is expecting.

"I heard she was beside herself when she found out at a recent doctor's appointment," a so-called "friend" claims to the outlet, going on to share how she supposedly "broke the news" to Shelton during a "quiet evening together at home" that left them "teary-eyed." It's because of Stefani's age that "those closest to the couple" are contending the pregnancy is a "miracle," says the outlet.

The purported pal goes on to allege to the publication that Stefani and Shelton "knew that conceiving" was going to be a "challenge," and were "considering IVF," but "apparently, it happened the natural way." And in one of the story's most bizarre statements, the "friend" supposedly comments, "If there's one thing you can say about Blake, it's that he's certainly not lazy." What, this "friend" knows how often he and Stefani have sex?

It's also particularly galling when the tabloid tries to brush off its previous untrue pregnancy claim, and those of its sister outlets, by merely saying "Gwen reportedly has had a couple of false alarms while trying to get pregnant with Blake." No, that's not what happened at all. What's really happened is Star, OK! and the National Enquirer have repeatedly published made-up marriage and baby stories about the couple, hoping that one day they'll be right.

That's not how journalism is supposed to work, though. You don't make up a fantasy and hope it'll coincide with reality. That's called manufacturing fake news. And it's what the tabloid has done here with this "miracle baby" tale, which even includes the allegation that Stefani and Shelton have "quickly pulled together a secret plan to tie the knot in June." Of course, the magazine also said last August that Shelton and Stefani were going to have a fall wedding. It never happened, just as Gossip Cop said it wouldn't, which is why this story now asserts they put those previous plans "on hold."

Star tries to cover all of its bases, giving explanations for its past untruths, but is actually only covering them up with more fibs. So, what'll happen when Stefani doesn't marry Shelton next month and doesn't give birth to a baby? The outlet will probably run more excuses. And Gossip Cop will keep holding it accountable for spreading fake news. In the meantime, a source close to the couple rhetorically asks, "At what point do people stop believing the constant barrage of lies?" And a rep for Shelton also exclusively tells us the baby story is untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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