Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert Feuding Over Makeup?!

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Gwen Stefani Makeup Miranda Lambert

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Makeup Miranda Lambert

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Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert are feuding over makeup? That’s the latest utterly ridiculous claim coming from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

It says in the current edition of Life & Style, “It’s been more than a year since Gwen Stefani began dating Blake Shelton, but there’s still plenty of bad blood between her and Blake’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert.” As proof, the magazine writes that “just before Gwen announced her new gig as the celebrity face of Revlon, Miranda subtly threw shade at her on Instagram by proudly hashtagging a pretty selfie #nomakeup.”

“Miranda learned about Gwen’s Revlon partnership through friends and saw it as an opportunity to get in a dig,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “Miranda believes she’s naturally prettier than Gwen, who is always so made up.”

And, according to the outlet, “when Gwen heard about Miranda’s social media swipe, she wasn’t happy.” Claims the supposed source, “Gwen felt like it was a petty move. She wants Miranda to stop trying to be in an imaginary contest with her. She feels like Miranda is just being immature and needs to move on.”

Hmm… an imaginary contest, immaturity, and a need to move on. Well, Gossip Cop would say the publication is actually talking about itself here. After all, it’s the tabloid that’s been pitting the two women against each other since 2015. The outlet has published absurd tales of Stefani and Lambert being at “war,” having weddings on the same day, and writing “revenge songs” about one another.

None of these pieces had any basis in reality. And while it’s true that Lambert did share a makeup-free photo, the notion that it has anything to do with Stefani’s Revlon deal is just beyond silly. And Life & Style purposefully didn’t include the country singer’s full caption, which makes pretty clear it has absolutely nothing to do with her supposed rival.

The complete text reads: “Friday night lights… Perfect date night with my mutts. Homemade healthy meal, Law and Order SVU, crafts and cocktails. 2017 here we come. #dogdate #nomakeup #fitnessfriday #newyearnewme #wine #imworkinonit #survivedchristmas #atleastmyhairisdone #addedhashtag #iprocessthingsslowly @thedryhousenashville.”

Also left out of this story? The fact that Stefani, too, has gone makeup-free on Instagram, most notably in a selfie posted back in May 2016, roughly seven months before Lambert’s pic went up. It makes no sense to claim to Stefani feels she was “dissed” when she’s embraced the natural look herself.

Not surprisingly, a rep for Stefani exclusively tells Gossip Cop it’s “untrue” she’s upset over Lambert’s snapshot. Basically, this is just an imaginary contest set up by an immature tabloid that really just needs to move on.

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