Gwen Stefani “Make Me Like You” — Listen To New Song Here!

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Gwen Stefani Make Me Like You Audio Listen

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Make Me Like You Audio Listen


Gwen Stefani premiered a new song called “Make Me Like You” on Thursday. Listen below!

“Make Me Like You” is the second single from Stefani’s upcoming album, which she revealed earlier this week will be titled This Is What The Truth Feels Like. The singer has admitted in interviews to trashing a previous version of the record last year after her separation from Gavin Rossdale. And while the new album’s first single, “Used To Love You,” was widely-believed to be about their split, this new track has many speculating new boyfriend Blake Shelton was in the inspiration.

On the song, Stefani sings in the first verse, “I was fine before I met you/I was broken but fine/I was lost and uncertain/But my heart was still mine/I was free before I met you/I was broken but free/All alone in the clear view, but now you are all I see.”

The chorus later goes, “Why’d you have to go and make me like you?/Yeah this is a feeling I’m not used to/Why’d you have to go and make me like you?/I’m so mad at you cause now you got me missing you.” And it only gets more lovey-dovey from there.

If all that wasn’t enough evidence that the song is likely about Shelton, he tweeted after the release, “You can probably understand the multiple reasons why I just bought this… I hope you do to[o]!!! @gwenstefani.” That said, it’s unclear if she wrote it before or after they got together.

Regrdless, Stefani seems pleased with the response to the single so far, tweeting to fans, “U guys make me so happy #MakeMeLikeYou omg #loveuback THANKU for all your tweets.” She added, “Reading all your tweets #surreal #MakeMeLikeu #MMLY #thanku.

“Make Me Like You” is expected to get more attention this Monday when Stefani creates a live music video for the song during a Grammys commercial break. Check out the audio below!


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