Gwen Stefani Clashing With Kelly Clarkson On ‘The Voice’?

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side by side photos of Gwen Stefani in a white outfit and fur coat next to Kelly Clarkson in a black patterned dress

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Gwen Stefani in a white outfit and fur coat next to Kelly Clarkson in a black patterned dress

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Is Gwen Stefani clashing with Kelly Clarkson on the set of The Voice? That’s the claim in one of the tabloids this week. Gossip Cop found it false.

An article in the latest issue of Life & Style says Stefani and Clarkson have been feuding behind the scenes of their reality competition show. “Gwen isn’t feeling Kelly’s over-the-top enthusiasm,” a supposed “insider” tells the tabloid. “She can’t help but cringe every time Kelly screams or starts jumping out of her chair.” The alleged insider goes on to say that Stefani thinks Clarkson’s personality is flat-out “annoying.”

According to the supposed source, Stefani’s boyfriend Blake Shelton – who also serves as a coach on The Voice – isn’t a fan of their co-star either. “It’s not like he hates Kelly,” the suspicious tipster adds. “It’s just…working with her is a lot like having an annoying little sister who won’t stop interrupting you.”

In reality, Stefani and Clarkson get along quite well. Earlier this month, Stefani shared an Instagram video Clarkson had posted about how big of a fan she is of the No Doubt singer, and added the caption, “OMG love you.” Clarkson’s video features clips from a “Girl Power” video from The Voice, which features plenty of scenes of the two happily getting along. In fact, the footage shows Stefani being quick to jump out of her chair during the show, despite this idea that Clarkson is the only one with “over-the-top enthusiasm.” Also in the video, Stefani mentions that Clarkson is a frequent guest at her and Shelton’s home for dinners and playdates with their kids.

The section about Shelton disliking Clarkson is just as bogus. In the “Girl Power” video, the country star praises the two women for their competitiveness, and jokingly adds, “This girl power thing is starting to get on my nerves.” There’s no actual animosity between the coaches.

Shelton and Clarkson were already friendly before she even joined the cast of the show on account of Clarkson’s husband being Shelton’s manager. In an interview with People magazine from February 2018, just before Clarkson began her stint as a full-time coach, Shelton referred to Clarkson as a friend off the show and a competitor on the show. The remarks about the coaches “feuding” or disliking one another are just misrepresentations of their relationships.

This isn’t the tabloid’s first time trying to rile up drama amid the cast of The Voice. In September, Gossip Cop debunked the outlet’s claim that Stefani was furious over the show’s addition of Taylor Swift as a mentor. We also busted the outlet in August 2018 for a ludicrous story about Shelton asking Stefani to step down from the show. The magazine just doesn’t have any real insight into what’s happening behind the scenes of the hit series.


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