Gwen Stefani ‘Hurt’ By Internet Comments?

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Gwen Stefani Internet Comments

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Internet Comments

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Is Gwen Stefani feeling “hurt” by Internet comments? A tabloid report claims the singer is “upset” over some things being said online. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

“Gwen’s Upset Her House Is Being Mocked,” reads a headline in the current edition of Life & Style. The story says, “Now that Gwen Stefani is selling the Beverly Hills home she once shared with ex Gavin Rossdale, interior photos of the $35 million listing have hit the web. And trolls have had a field day dissing the, well, bold design.”

The magazine quotes one alleged commenter as writing, “Fire the color-blind, tasteless decorator. Whole place needs to be gutted.” Another comment supposedly reads, “The inside is cheap-looking.” Now, according to the publication, Stefani is taking the criticism “personally.”

“She paid millions for the decorating and thinks her house should be featured in Architectural Digest,” a so-called “insider” claims. The source goes on to allege Stefani’s realtor “wanted all the furniture removed. But Gwen refused. She doesn’t think the décor is tacky at all and she’s hurt by people saying otherwise.”

Sure. Here’s what’s right about this story: Stefani’s estate is for sale. Here’s what’s wrong about this story: Everything else.

Stefani is not preoccupied by what trolls online are saying about her home decor. The busy mom of three simply doesn’t pay much attention, if any, to such comments. In fact, she proved how unaffected she is earlier this year.

Following a controversial April Fool’s joke, Stefani was hit with a harsh backlash on Instagram. More than six months later, the post still remains on her page. If hateful Internet comments upset her so much, it would’ve been long-deleted by now.

But she wasn’t bothered by what people thought then, and she still doesn’t care now. Gossip Cop is told the Life & Style allegations about Stefani being “hurt” and “upset” from negative comments on her home is simply ridiculous.

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Gwen Stefani is hurt by Internet comments about her home.


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