Gwen Stefani, Hunter Plake ‘Don’t Speak’ “The Voice” Video – Watch Finale Performance!

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Hunter Plake Voice Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Hunter Plake Voice Finale Video


Gwen Stefani and Hunter Plake performed “Don’t Speak” during the season finale of “The Voice” on Tuesday. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Plake was stunningly eliminated from “The Voice” after last week’s semifinals. Throughout the competition, he was seen as one the season 12 frontrunners, in large part due to his unique arrangements and confident performances. Week after week, he put a new spin on well-known songs, and gave turns on the stage that had even the coaches thinking he was ready to go pro.

But after the Top 8 artists performed in the second-to-last round, only four artists could go on to the finals. Surprisingly, Plake was not one of three who earned enough votes to automatically make it through. Instead, he, team mate Brennely Brown and fellow contestant Jesse Larson had to compete for the Instant Save. Larson, a member of Adam Levine’s team, scored the most votes, landing him that last spot in the finale. Plake and Brown were heartbreakingly eliminated, and some fans even accused the show’s producers of sabotage.

Despite being voted off, though, Plake was invited back to participate in part two of the finale. He and his coach Stefani decided to sing No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak,” which reportedly would’ve been their in-competition duet for Monday’s show had Plake been in the finals. Unfortunately, with both he and Brown out, Stefani was actually the only coach not to have a competitor vying for the win.

Of course, winning “The Voice” does not guarantee success. And Plake has already been teasing on Twitter that he and his brother are working on an official single to be released this year. As for Stefani, her “Voice” future is up in the air, as she’s not slated to participate in season 13 or 14. Something tells us she’ll be just fine regardless. Gossip Cop will have video of the “Don’t Speak” soon. Check back shortly.

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