Gwen Stefani “Happy Gavin Rossdale’s Dating Sophia Thomalla” Is Fake News

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Gwen Stefani Reaction Gavin Rossdale Dating

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Gwen Stefani Reaction Gavin Rossdale Dating

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An article announcing Gwen Stefani is “happy” Gavin Rossdale is dating Sophia Thomalla is nothing but fake news. It was made up by a webloid that pretends to have “exclusives” about the singer and other stars.

We’re talking, of course, about HollywoodLife, which on Tuesday is running a story headlined, “Gwen Stefani ‘Happy’ Gavin Rossdale’s Dating Sophia Thomalla — & It’s Because Of Blake Shelton.” The accompanying story begins, “Things seem to be getting serious between Gavin Rossdale and his new girlfriend, Sophia Thomalla, and has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on how his ex, Gwen Stefani, feels about it!” What’s the evidence that Rossdale and Thomalla are “serious”? Notably, the fabrication factory presents none.

But the site does quote a so-called “insider” as saying, “Gwen is really happy for Gavin. She’s met Sophia and she really likes her.” This supposed source, however, goes on to make rather obvious statements, asserting, “Leaving Gavin and going through a divorce was the most painful thing Gwen has ever had to deal with, and she was really angry at him for a long time. But if they hadn’t split, then she wouldn’t have gotten involved with Blake, so she tries to see the breakup in a positive light — it led her to meeting her soulmate. She and Gavin are in a good place now and she wants nothing but the best for him.”

Of course Stefani’s divorce was painful. She said as much many times. Of course if they hadn’t split she wouldn’t have gotten involved with Shelton. Of course she wants nothing but the best for the father of her children. HollywoodLies has touted “exclusive scoop” on how Stefani feels about Rossdale’s relationship, yet the outlet only delivered information that anyone could guess. And it comes a few days after a similar piece from the online publication, in which it was claimed Shelton and Stefani would be “happy” for Miranda Lambert and Rossdale if they each had kids with their new partners. That article was also filled with obvious conclusions, as opposed to actual “scoop.”

And when Gossip Cop busted it, since it wasn’t actually based on real sources, we expressed surprise that HollywoodLies didn’t try to milk the storyline by running two separate stories, one on Shelton and Lambert plus one on Stefani and Rossdale. Well, here’s the division. This follow-up story focuses specifically on the latter couple, and it would hardly be shocking if one is posted this week about Shelton and Lambert. It’s all done just to continue a fake news narrative that ropes in fans on social media and through search engines, which typically reward original content. But Gossip Cop has been assured again and again that no one actually close to Stefani (or Shelton or Rossdale or Lambert) is spilling on such personal thoughts. These pieces are only original because they’re manufactured.