Gwen Stefani “GMA” Video: Watch “Good Morning America” Interview!

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Gwen Stefani GMA Video April 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani GMA Video April 2016


Gwen Stefani opened up about her divorce and new album in an interview broadcast on Monday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch below.

Stefani actually sat down with Lara Spencer last week, and discussed how her split from Gavin Rossdale influenced her new music. “I can’t even find the words,” she said at one point when struggling to explain the devastating breakup. “I was embarrassed.”

“I felt like, ‘Wow, I can’t go down. This is not who I am. I’m not gonna fail,'” Stefani remembered. “I had to make something good out of it, so I tried to write, because I know that was my gift, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna make this into music.'”

Stefani said it was a struggle to get up each day, and “nothing mattered except trying not to die right now.” That led her to pour all her emotions to the songs on This Is What The Truth Feels Like. But though she was able to purge those feelings, it’s all still a challenge for her.

She told Spencer, “It’s still painful. I’m still looking at the pieces going, ‘What is happening?!’ There’s so many great things, but it’s still super hard to have your family break up. What do you do after that?”

Of course, helping her get through it all is boyfriend Blake Shelton. Stefani acknowledged, “I have gone through a lot, but I feel like you have to be grateful for that, because if I didn’t do that, then I wouldn’t have this. You have to be grateful for all of it.”

She later added, “It feels like I’m supposed to be doing this right now and sharing my story.” Check out the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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