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A new tabloid report claims Gwen Stefani is "livid" Gavin Rossdale has been "doing his best" to turn their sons against Blake Shelton. Gossip Cop can explain the many reasons why this story is not credible. For starters, Stefani and Shelton have been together for two and a half years already. It's a little late for Rossdale still to start meddling.

But a so-called "insider" cited by OK! claims Rossdale believes Shelton is a "phony," and "said some nasty things about him to his kids over FaceTime." Tellingly, it's not revealed what Rossdale supposedly said, or why he had to tell Kingston, Zuma and Apollo over a video call versus speaking to them in person. This same unidentifiable and untraceable insider also allegedly knows how Stefani and Shelton feel about the purported situation.

"Blake can understand that Gavin may not dig how close he is to the kids... but it's frustrating when he hears Gavin said this or that about him to the boys," claims the magazine's specious source. Again, it's never explained what Rossdale has allegedly said or even when, but the outlet contends Father's Day sent the rocker into a "jealousy spiral," since the kids were with Shelton and Stefani.

Without evidence, the alleged tipster contends, "Gavin clearly wasn't happy with how Father's Day played out." But, the publication's questionable "insider" asserts, "Gwen has decided this needs to end... She plans to have it out with him." Once more, it's unclear what exactly "this" is. And those aren't the only issues.

This article is accompanied by a photo of Stefani and Shelton with her kids, and the caption says, "No wonder he's jealous: Gavin was across the pond in London while Gwen and their sons spent Father's Day with Gwen's dad and Blake in L.A." But while that's largely true, the tabloid is deceiving readers because the picture shown has nothing to do with Father's Day. It's a nearly three-month-old snapshot of when Stefani and Shelton took the boys to church on Easter.

Additionally, in another photo caption, the magazine asserts Rossdale is "rumored to be engaged." But if the outlet really has an "insider," as alleged, why is that a "rumor" and not something the source could confirm or deny? Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the only time the former spouses were seen together this year, Stefani and Rossdale appeared to be on civil terms as she shook hands with his girlfriend at Kingston's soccer game in March.

This story is all about animosity between the exes, yet the publication has no proof of that. Gossip Cop must also point out that this is the same tabloid that has run multiple false tales about Stefani and her country superstar beau being married. Even just over a week ago, OK! contradicted that and wrongly claimed that a wedding with Shelton is "weeks away." Notably, nothing about the supposedly upcoming nuptials is mentioned in this new story.

To recap: One, the magazine claims Rossdale is "doing his best to come between" Shelton and Stefani by turning their sons against him, but it makes little sense he'd suddenly be trying to interfere more than two years after the relationship began. It's a bit late to start objecting. Two, it's not said what exactly Rossdale allegedly told the boys, and it's not explained why this supposedly took place over FaceTime as opposed to during an in-person visit. Three, the outlet is trying to dupe readers by using a photo of Stefani and Shelton with her children on Easter and making it seem like it's from Father's Day.

Four, the publication purports to have insight through its anonymous "insider," but doesn't know if Rossdale is engaged. Five, the tabloid can't point to any actual proof of Stefani and Rossdale recently clashing, and the last time they were seen together, they greeted each other with smiles. Six, OK! has a documented history of publishing fabrications about Shelton and Stefani, including several stories about nonexistent weddings.

Lastly, Gossip Cop spoke with a rep for the songstress, who dismissed this new article as "tabloid bull." We also reached out to Rossdale's spokesperson. Still, all of these points show the real "phony" is the tabloid itself.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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