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Gwen Stefani is not "still in love" with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story, which also maintains it's Blake Shelton's "worst nightmare." We're told it's all "untrue."

RadarOnline claims that Rossdale is Stefani's "one and only," even though he allegedly cheated on her with their children's nanny and she's openly declared her love for Shelton. Without any proof, the website states as if it's fact that "friends say she's still in love" with Rossdale. The blog further asserts the No Doubt singer "made the staggering confession to pals last month," following her mediation talks with Rossdale about how to raise their three kids.

Who among her "friends" is saying that? Naturally, the site doesn't offer up a single name. Instead it claims a "source" told the outlet that even though Stefani thinks Rossdale's "a cheater and a bad dad... she still insists on calling him the love of her life." The seemingly misinformed or possibly made-up "insider" adds that Stefani "would take Gavin back in a minute" because Shelton is really nothing more than a "rebound romance."

Often, Gossip Cop can anticipate fake news stories or at least figure out why a bogus report was manufactured, but this article really seems to have come out of nowhere. Yes, it's true Stefani and Rossdale are in mediation over their parenting styles, but it's nearly unfathomable that after those tense talks, unnamed "friends" and "pals" would tell the outlet that she feels the Bush frontman is her "one and only" and she's "still in love with him." It's equally unbelievable that Stefani would consider her boyfriend of three years and constant companion just a "rebound romance."

In the real world, Stefani even told Ellen DeGeneres on the latter's talk show that she thinks about marrying Shelton "all the time" because he's so "lovable." Those are hardly words of a person who thinks Shelton is a "rebound romance." Additionally, while there's absolutely nothing to indicate that she's "still in love" with her ex-husband, Stefani often uses her social media accounts to post pictures of and express her love for Shelton. On the country singer's birthday, for example, Stefani posted a photo on Instagram in which she used the hashtags "#iloveuthemost #yourmyfavorite" about Shelton. Also, speaking on Stefani's behalf, her rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that RadarOnline's entire story is "untrue."

And while Gossip Cop often debunks stories with on-the-record remarks from primary sources, RadarOnline tends to post articles about Stefani using questionable quotations from unidentifiable and unreliable sources. Earlier this year, for instance, we busted the blog when it published a tasteless and made-up story about Stefani having miscarried Shelton's baby. Much like that report and others, the latest about Stefani being "still in love" with Rossdale and it being Shelton's "nightmare" is also 100 percent false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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