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Gwen Stefani is not "trapped" in her house because of Gavin Rossdale, despite reports. Outlets are spreading convoluted claims about why she's still living in her Beverly Hills home. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the stories, which we're exclusively told by a rep are "untrue."

The National Enquirer and RadarOnline are running virtually identical articles this week about Stefani's Los Angeles residence, where she lives with her three sons. Rossdale previously resided at the home prior to the couple's breakup in 2015. In early 2017, it was revealed Stefani was selling the mansion, after briefly listing it for sale in the fall of 2016. Because the property hasn't yet sold, the sister publications have manufactured a far-fetched explanation.

According to the narrative, Stefani is "stuck" in the home where Rossdale allegedly cheated on her because he "won't lower the price." The estate was listed for $35 million, but the stories claim "it's only worth about half that, and Gavin refuses to budge," even though that supposedly means not selling the residence. A so-called "source" quoted in both articles contends Stefani is "trapped," and asserts Rossdale has "worked this out so Gwen has to sleep in the same house where he cheated on her. It's cruel, cold and brilliant, in a twisted sort of way."

The supermarket tabloid and the website go on to claim Stefani wants to reduce the asking price to $25 million, but a purported second "source" maintains Rossdale "won't even consider lowering it by $2 million." An alleged "insider" also supposedly tells the outlets, "The mansion is causing all kinds of drama." In fact, the publications claim Stefani's boyfriend, Blake Shelton, is "itching to get involved after watching his main squeeze suffer in her adultery-soiled home." Another "source" is quoted as saying, "If Gavin doesn't play nice soon, Blake has vowed to drag him to court to get him to comply," so that they can sell the house.

Those notions are laughable. Shelton would have no legal grounds to take Rossdale to court. He is not married to Stefani, and therefore would not have any standing to get involved in this matter. That the gossip magazine and the site would even suggest this as a possibility shows how clueless they actually are. Or the pair of publications simply prefer sensational and salacious stories, regardless of logic.

In any case, it is true that Stefani and Rossdale signed a divorce settlement that calls for them to split any earnings from the home. And the realtor handling the sale confirms to Gossip Cop that the property is still on the market. Of course, the more money the mansion sells for, the more of it goes in Rossdale's pocket. It's nearly impossible to believe that he would forgo $15 million for $7.5 million just because he wants Stefani to stay "stuck" in the house where he allegedly carried out an affair

But Gossip Cop fact-checks stories, and we're told by a contact close to the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, that the gossip outlets' explanation for why the house hasn't been sold yet is just "dumb." On top of that, a rep for Stefani tells us flat-out and on the record that the outrageous allegation is "untrue."

It's worth noting that while the publications are attempting to make it seem like this luxury home is an awful place for Stefani to live, she seems to have no problem showing off the abode on social media. In December, for instance, Stefani shared an Instagram video of her boys running through the house on Christmas morning. And just two weeks ago, she posted footage of herself walking through the home to find a flower arrangement Shelton gifted her for Valentine's Day. Clearly she doesn't see the house as "soiled."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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