Gwen Stefani Fan Tattoos Autograph (PICS)

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Gwen Stefani Fan Tattoo Autograph

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Fan Tattoo Autograph


A Gwen Stefani fan made her love for the singer permanent on Saturday with an autograph tattoo. Check out the photos below!

The fan, Emily, went to Stefani’s “This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour” in Georgia on Friday. While there, she was lucky enough to get the No Doubt front woman’s attention. And from the stage, Stefani used a marker to sign Emily’s arm.

She tweeted afterward, “OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!?!?THANK YOU SO MUCH @gwenstefani!!!!! Emily then vowed, “Appointment made! getting my @gwenstefani tattoo as soon as i get back to nashville today.” And the super-fan was true to her word.

Upon returning to Tennessee, Emily went to Safe House Tattoo to get Stefani’s “Gwen” signature permanently inked. Showing off before-and-after photos on Twitter, the ecstatic supporter wrote, “just got my @gwenstefani tattoo :)… i now have @gwenstefani’s signature tattooed on my arm. this is dedication, y’all.”

And Stefani noticed. Not long after Emily’s tweets, she wrote back, “U r for real crazy!!!!! Omg Gx.” Emily happily replied, “Hahaha now i’m permanently dedicated to you and your music.”

Notably, this is the second time this week that “The Voice” coach made a concertgoer’s dream come true. As Gossip Cop reported, Stefani invited a bullied fan on stage at a Florida concert, giving comfort and encouragement to the crying boy. It’s unclear if any tears were shed this time, but check out the tattoo photos below!

Gwen Stefani Fan Tattoo Autograph Photos


Gwen Stefani Fan Autograph Tattoo


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