Gwen Stefani Facebook Q&A: 5 Things We Learned About Singer And New Album

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Gwen Stefani Facebook

By Jesse Spero |

Gwen Stefani Facebook

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Gwen Stefani hosted a Facebook Q&A with her fans on Friday about her new album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like. Here are five things Gossip Cop learned about the singer and her new music.

(1) Stefani is enjoying the present, and not concerned about what may lie ahead. “I’m trying to live in the moment and not think about the future… Wanting to live in the moment and the now and enjoy all of this,” she told a fan. She went on to explain that she’s shocked by her new album’s success. “I’m having a hard time understanding or absorbing any of this right now. All I know is I prayed hard, and here we are!”

(2) The singer didn’t pay attention to what other artists are doing while writing her new music. “Sing-talking, rapping can be found all over your albums. Did you listen to any hip-hop records as inspiration?” a fan asked. Stefani responded, “I didn’t listen to any music for inspiration to make this record. But I do love hip hop and I’m obsessed with Fetty Wap!” She also told another fan, “I did not have any inspiration for the record sonically or production-wise. All I wanted to do was get out the emotions I had inside of me, and every song started with the lyrics and the music came right after that at the same time.”

(3) She enjoyed writing about something upbeat and positive on This Is What The Truth Feels Like. “I think it’s easier to write songs about pain than it is to write about happiness, but it feels like a facelift to write about hope, love, happiness – FINALLY!” she told a fan. Stefani noted, however, there were a fair amount of tears from writing an album after her marriage with Gavin Rossdale fell apart. “There’s definitely been a lot of crying. Happy and sad. Hopeful disbelief but none of it got in the way of making the music come alive.”

(4) Stefani’s biggest influence are her children. “Having children is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. My boys inspire me everyday to try to be a better person and role model. They’re a gift from God, and I always want to impress them. But they don’t care about my music. They just want me to be mom, and I’m good with that. I have you guys for that!” she wrote in response to a question about how her kids affect her music.

(5) Stefani appears to be open to the idea of working with boyfriend Blake Shelton on music. “Will you ever do a duet or collab album with Blake at some point?” a fan asked. “In my dreams,” she coyly replied.

Following her Facebook chat with fans, Stefani wrote, “Thank you thank you everyone. This was awesome! Love you guys!!!!” The singer also tweeted, “I’m really enjoying this moment thank u for giving it to me.” This Is What The Truth Feels Like is out now, and Stefani is slated to perform on “Saturday Night Live” on April 2.


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