Gwen Stefani did not dump Blake Shelton, nor is she planning to, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the false report. We're told it's untrue.

The claim that Stefani is breaking up with Shelton is made on the cover of Life & Style, which exclaims, "Gwen Dumps Blake... But She's Still Having A Baby!" Inside the issue, a headline similarly declares, "Gwen & Blake: It's Over." And, according to the tabloid, "The end of her fast and furious romance" with Shelton has caused "new heartbreak" for Stefani.

"Gwen has already made the decision that it's over; she's dumped Blake. Unsure they can ever come to an agreement over big issues like kids and where to live, Gwen decided to pull the plug on her relationship with Blake," contends the gossip magazine. A so-called "insider" is quoted as telling the outlet, "Friends are saying it's over."

This supposed source goes on, "Gwen and Blake had been on the fast track to marriage and babies, but all talk of getting married or having a baby has stopped. They just live two completely different lifestyles, and now it's humiliating for Gwen to admit that the relationship is done." The alleged "breaking point" was a "painfully ordinary moment," maintains the publication, when Shelton supposedly ignored Stefani in the kitchen.

The tabloid fill outs the rest of it story by asserting there were "red flags" throughout the romance and even claims Stefani is now planning to adopt on her own. But "first, she needs to officially let Blake know they're done." Yes, Life & Style has a cover announcing Stefani has dumped Shelton and even says in the article "she's dumped Blake," only to claim later in the piece that she hasn't actually done it... yet. The magazine's purported snitch asserts she's "terrified" to "end it," which is a great excuse for when the couple doesn't actually breakup.

And if Stefani and Shelton do call it quits at some point down the line, the outlet will surely try to take credit for breaking the news. But right now, the publication hasn't broken anything. The No Doubt songstress has no intention of dumping Shelton in the near future, despite the claims. In fact, the couple just spent Easter together with Stefani's family. And no real "friends" of the couple are maintaining their relationship is "over."

It's all untrue. And whether the publication fabricated this report on its own or relied on untrustworthy sources is irrelevant. The bottom line is the magazine's cover is a fake news story, and the outlet didn't even bother to fact-check its article. Gossip Cop knows this because Stefani's rep tells us the tabloid never sought to verify its information. The same spokesman calls the outlet's story "BS." But Gossip Cop went a step further and checked with another Stefani insider, who similarly said the claims are untrue.

It was also just months ago that the same tabloid deemed Stefani a "pregnant bride," insisting she was not only planning to marry Shelton but also expecting his child. Gossip Cop rightly busted that cover story when it was published last October, and time has proven our reporting right. There's been no wedding and no baby. And this newest article about a breakup is just the latest bogus twist in the magazine's false narrative.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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