Gwen Stefani Wearing Diamond, Maybe Engaged To Blake Shelton Doesn’t Ring True

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Gwen Stefani Ring Blake Shelton

By Michael Lewittes |

Gwen Stefani Ring Blake Shelton

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A new report about Gwen Stefani wearing a new diamond ring and questioning whether Blake Shelton “secretly proposed” is 100 percent made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story, which seemingly was manufactured out of thin air. We’re told this supposed diamond does not exist and no one from Stefani’s camp shared any such tale.

The serial fibbers at HollywoodLife ask whether Shelton and Stefani are “engaged” after claiming she “recently showed off a huge diamond ring.” The often discredited site alleges Stefani has been “sporting a gigantic diamond ring on her finger and it has everyone asking if she is engaged.” After making up the phony premise about Stefani wearing a “huge diamond,” the outlet then has the gall to concoct a seemingly fake “source” who then downplays the (nonexistent) “ring.” The almost assuredly made-up “source” is quoted as saying the supposed ring is just “a fashion statement” and “no big deal.”

But the whole story appears to be a giant lie. Curiously, the website doesn’t mention one instance of where or when Stefani “recently showed off” the diamond. And while the outlet contends that “everyone is asking if she is engaged,” Gossip Cop couldn’t find one example of another outlet in the past week featuring a picture of Stefani with a “gigantic diamond ring” and questioning whether Shelton had proposed. And not surpringly, HollywoodLies’s article doesn’t even have a photo of the purported “diamond ring.”

The singer wears a diamond on the cover of her new album You Make It Feel Like Christmas, but that ring is hardly “giant,” and it’s on her index finger. Other than that photo, which Stefani uploaded herself to Instagram six days ago, she has not been pictured recently with a diamond. Not only would Gossip Cop be interested in the identity of the site’s supposed “source, but so would Stefani’s rep, who assures us no one from HollywoodLies fact-checked its (concocted) story.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Gossip Cop has caught HollywoodLife making up fake news about the couple. In the past six months alone, we’ve busted the untrustworthy outlet for falsely claiming Stefani was adopting a baby, having twins, and just “acting like she’s pregnant.” And we’ve previously exposed the website for swearing up and down that Stefani was wearing an engagement ring from Shelton. Much like those stories that we were assured by her rep were false, the new one about Stefani showing off a “huge diamond” also doesn’t ring true.