Gwen Stefani “Convinced” Blake Shelton Won’t Propose This Year?

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Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Propose

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Propose

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Gwen Stefani is “convinced” Blake Shelton wont propose this year? That’s the latest claim coming from a notorious webloid. But Gossip Cop has confirmed with a rep that the story is both made up and untrue.

With less than two months until the end of 2017, HollywoodLife is exclaiming in a headline on Friday, “Gwen Stefani’s Convinced Blake Shelton Won’t Propose To Her This Year: Here’s Why.” The notion that this site knows “here’s why” on anything having to do with this couple, especially a proposal, is laughable. It was just a week ago that the outlet was speculating Stefani and Shelton were engaged after he “secretly proposed.” Now roughly 10 days later, the online publication is claiming it “EXCLUSIVELY” learned “he won’t be getting down on his knee for her this year.”

“[Gwen] doesn’t believe she will be proposed to this year because of Blake’s schedule,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “Once ‘The Voice’ goes live, Blake goes into full work mode and puts all his focus into the show. He is already working on performances he will be doing on the show, getting his team ready to win again and mostly putting his attention on all things work-related.”

But to play both sides of the coin, the site’s supposed snitch also goes on to assert, “Gwen would be completely surprised if he were to propose to her because she is 100 percent not expecting it at all.” Apparently the webloid has forgotten that it already ran a story last year claiming that Shelton DID propose, but Stefani turned him down. And it seems the site has also already forgotten its aforementioned article from just a few days ago, in which it theorized that the couple was not only engaged, but that Stefani was flashing a diamond ring.

Of course, no one but the serial fabricators at HollywoodLies made such a claim, and they didn’t even have a photo of this supposed engagement ring. But now readers are to believe the blog has “exclusive” insight on whether Stefani actually believes an engagement is in their future? Please. This is all manufactured and not based in truth. In fact, when Gossip Cop investigated this new tale, the singer’s rep flat-out told us, “This is not correct.” Furthermore, the outlet didn’t bother to fact-check its assertions with the spokesperson before running them, which was the case with last week’s story as well. In short, if and when there is real, confirmed engagement news for Stefani and Shelton, don’t expect HollywoodLies to be the publication to break it.

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