Gwen Stefani did NOT "call off" her supposed wedding to Blake Shelton, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk this latest report. The couple was never planning to marry in the first place.

Back in November, OK! published what was said to be Stefani and Shelton's wedding invitation, purporting to know all the details of their upcoming Beverly Hills nuptials slated for May. Gossip Cop rightly called out the fabricated cover story. Now almost exactly three months later, the magazine has concocted a new cover story to get out of its old one.

The new issue announces, "Blake Moves Out" and "Pregnant Gwen Calls Off Wedding!" The headline inside the edition, "Wedding On Hold," is more measured, but equally wrong.

"The tension between them has reached a boiling point. Shortly after the holidays, Gwen was thinking of calling off the wedding entirely," a so-called "friend of the couple" is quoted as saying. It's alleged Stefani went "ballistic" after the wedding details "leaked," with the No Doubt front woman accusing Shelton's camp of being responsible. "Everyone's under suspicion, even Blake's beloved mother, Dorothy Shelton. And Blake is not the kind of guy to stand for that," claims the supposed source.

Of course, no one "leaked" any wedding details. The publication made them all up, and it's only here that OK! confesses that the invitation it printed was "recreated" (from their imagination). The rest of the story is filled out with various other allegations, such as Stefani supposedly "reaching out" to Gavin Rossdale "for support," upsetting Shelton. It's even said Stefani's kids are trying to get her to change her mind about calling off the wedding, despite claiming in a previous issue that Shelton was clashing with her sons.

And, for good measure, the tabloid adds, "Complicating things even further are the rumors that Gwen is actually pregnant with Blake's child!" Well, OK! has been spreading those "rumors" for more than a year now. These new claims are just the latest twists in the false narrative the publication has created. And the saga remains tabloid fantasy.

Stefani is not expecting, nor has she called off a non-existent wedding to Shelton. A rep for the songstress exclusively tells Gossip Cop the allegations are "nonsense." If you want fan fiction on these two, read OK!. But if you want the facts, stick with us.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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