Gwen Stefani Renovating Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Hotel Suite?

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Gwen Stefani Britney Spears Vegas Hotel

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Gwen Stefani Britney Spears Vegas Hotel

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Is Gwen Stefani really renovating the Las Vegas hotel suite that used to be occupied by Britney Spears? A new report claims Stefani demanded a big change at Planet Hollywood, where she kicked off her residency in June. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

“Gwen Upstages Britney In The Bathtub,” reads the headline of this questionable article from the National Enquirer. The piece begins, “Gwen Stefani’s soaking up glitzy Las Vegas fame and fortune, but in a bigger, way better bubbly bathtub than ‘Toxic’ headliner Britney Spears.” According to the supermarket tabloid, Stefani is staying in the same suite Spears resided in during her own residency, but the No Doubt front woman “wrinkled her nose at the used bathtub, pouting it was much too dinky for a good dunk.”

A so-called “spy” is quoted as saying, “No doubt the tub was perfectly fine for Britney — but not for Gwen,” who supposedly “likes taking a relaxing soak before each live concert performance.” It’s specifically alleged Stefani “had Brit’s old tub ripped right out and replaced with a brand-new bigger bath.” Curiously, the magazine doesn’t mention any other changes made to the suite to accommodate its purported new resident. Stefani was super-picky about the bathtub… but not anything else?

That’s not the only reason to be suspicious of this tale. First off, while it was known when Stefani’s residency was announced that she’d be taking over the theater previously used by Spears, no one has ever reported anything about her staying in the same suite as the pop star, too. But regardless of which hotel room Stefani resides in, it’s unclear why she would have the authority to make as big a change as replacing the bathtub.

It’s also strange that this tale is coming out when she isn’t even currently performing in Vegas. As the dates for Stefani’s residency show, her first leg was from June 27 to July 21. She is now on a lengthy hiatus, as the second leg doesn’t start until December. Not only is the timing of this report bizarre, but the outlet wants readers to believe the hotel went to the trouble of changing its bathtub when Stefani won’t even be back there for another four months.

Clearly, there are a lot of flaws in this narrative, which suggests it was made-up. A rep for Stefani also maintains to Gossip Cop that the claims just aren’t true. It should be noted the publication has a history of running false stories about both singers, some way more serious that than this one. Earlier this year, for example, the tabloid lied about Stefani suffering a miscarriage. And in January, the magazine claimed Spears was planning a Vegas wedding. That never happened, just as we rightly said it wouldn’t.


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