Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Never Put Wedding “On Hold” For Baby, Despite False Report A Year Ago

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Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Wedding Hold

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Wedding Hold

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton never put a supposed wedding “on hold” to have a baby, despite a false report from a year ago. In February 2017, it was alleged the couple canceled plans to wed to instead focus on a pregnancy. But one year later, they still haven’t had a baby, proving Gossip Cop was right to bust the story.

The untrue narrative came from Life & Style, which has been pushing wrong claims about Stefani and Shelton since they got together in late 2015. This time, the untrustworthy tabloid announced the stars had “put their wedding on the back burner.” A so-called “insider” contended, “They’re trying to have a baby first… That’s their main focus right now.” This purported source maintained Stefani was “trying to get pregnant naturally,” as she was supposedly “determined” to “carry [the baby] herself.” However, it was further alleged that Shelton felt it didn’t matter “if they adopt or get a surrogate.”

Well, Shelton and Stefani neither adopted nor enlisted a surrogate. And she didn’t carry a baby herself, either. None of the outlet’s claims came to fruition because none of them were accurate. In fact, at the time, a rep for Stefani even told Gossip Cop the publication was “making things up.” Now, 365 days after we originally busted the article, time has shown just how wrong the tabloid was with its Stefani-Shelton wedding-baby story. But what’s also notable is that the magazine didn’t even stick to its storyline.

After insisting in February that Stefani and Shelton had abandoned plans to tie the knot, the outlet ran a cover story in July that claimed they secretly “married” in a backyard wedding at her home. Even crazier, that was then contradicted in January 2018 (just last month) with a cover that declared, “Furious Gwen Calls Off Wedding.” But wait, weren’t they already “married” six months prior? The inconsistencies underscore exactly what Gossip Cop was told: Life & Style is making things up.

But this isn’t the only tabloid to bungle such claims. Less than a week ago, Us Weekly tried putting its own spin on things by alleging the couple had put both wedding AND baby plans on hold, as they supposedly decided they’re happy with the way things are. As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, the singers never had such plans in the first place. It seemed the article was just a cover-up for why they hadn’t wed or had a child, since previous stories insisted they would.

The gossip media seems to like claiming the couple is putting things “on hold,” but maybe the tabloids should hold off on their untruthful reports. Stefani and Shelton just teamed up to celebrate her son Apollo’s birthday, and her kids remain the only children in their lives. That was always the plan, despite what the tabloids have wanted readers to believe.

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