Did Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get married and have a baby last year? One tabloid was pushing that theory, but Gossip Cop debunked it. One year later, it's even more obvious how incorrect it was.

On March 6, 2019, the famously untrustworthy National Enquirer said Shelton and Stefani got married in a quiet ceremony at his Oklahoma ranch. Unnamed "sources" supposedly informed the tabloid that the music power couple were planning a second ceremony in Los Angeles for their friends who couldn't make it to the first one. They were also thinking kids: the suspicious insider alleged they had found a "great young lady" to be a surrogate after several failed rounds of IVF. "They are getting the fairy-tale ending they always dreamed of, and Blake finally gets to be a dad," reported the source.

Nothing about this story was remotely accurate. A spokesperson for Stefani exclusively told Gossip Cop last year that "none of it is true." They were neither married nor planning a surrogate birth. The passage of time tends to reveal phony tabloid stories to be false, especially when those stories have to do with people having children. It's been a year since we debunked this, and Shelton and Stefani have not announced a child through any means, be it surrogate or otherwise. They also have not made any marriage announcement, or even an engagement announcement.

In fact, recent reports from more trustworthy outlets than the Enquirer have indicated that, yes, Shelton and Stefani are planning to get married, but they can't do it just yet. In December, People magazine reported that while the couple are "ready to take the next step," they've hit a bit of a roadblock. Stefani hopes to have a Roman Catholic church ceremony with Shelton (note: not on an Oklahoma ranch or in an L.A. backyard). But Stefani has been married once before, and the Catholic Church requires an official annulment before she can proceed with a wedding with Shelton. Obviously, if this is an obstacle now, marriage wouldn't have been possible a year ago either.

But don't let all this evidence make you think that Shelton and Stefani have gotten away from silly tabloid gossip. On the contrary, the couple's PDA and romantic love songs have only served to fuel speculation about their relationship. In January, OK! Australia ran a bogus article claiming that the couple was "finally engaged" and planning a $3 million wedding - and also trying for a baby. Gossip Cop investigated that claim and found it just as false as the Enquirer's tall tale from a year ago. Just this week, we busted a story from Globe theorizing that Stefani had cancelled recent performances because she was pregnant with Shelton's baby. That wasn't true either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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