Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton NOT “At War” Over Chloe Kohanski, Despite Claim

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Blake Shelton Chloe Kohanski Gwen Stefani

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Blake Shelton Chloe Kohanski Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not “at war” over Chloe Kohanski or anything else. This is yet another false split report about the couple. Gossip Cop can bust it.

“Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton 2018: Couple Reportedly At War Because Of Chloe Kohanski, Pair Rumored To Split,” reads a headline from The Inquisitr, which further teases, “Speculations have it that the couple’s relationship is currently on the rocks.” The website contends Stefani and Shelton were “ready to tie the knot and start building their own family the soonest time possible,” but now “recent reports suggest that the couple has already called off their wedding plans.”

The site maintains “feud reports are hounding” the pair after “RadarOnline suggested that the two were not on good terms.” An “unnamed source” from the webloid is quoted as claiming there’s a “real strain on their fairy-tale romance.” That leads The Inquisitr to assert, “Because of this, some fans cannot help but speculate that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship could possibly be on the rocks.”

What’s more is the outlet maintains Stefani is “jealous of Blake’s closeness with ‘The Voice’ Season 13 winner Chloe Kohanski.” It then cites Celebrity Insider, who cited Life & Style as claiming, “The ‘Hollaback Girl’ singer has called off their ‘summer wedding’ after a huge fight.” The online publication further alleges Stefani “feels that she loves Blake Shelton more than he loves her,” and that “hectic schedules and differences are also causing problems in their relationship.”

After this hodgepodge of allegations, the blog concludes, “Neither of the two popular singers has commented on these split rumors up to this writing. Therefore, avid followers of the pair should take all these unconfirmed reports lightly until everything is proven true and correct.” If The Inquisitr is admitting these claims are “unconfirmed,” it really has no business spreading them in the first place.

By merely regurgitating the assertions and not investigating to find out whether they are accurate, the site is contributing to a significant problem: The flooding of the internet with fake news rather than true stories. And while the couple may have not personally commented on “split rumors,” Stefani’s rep already told Gossip Cop last week that the Life & Style cover story about a wedding being “called off” was “untrue.”

In fact, none of these claims, including the one about a dispute over Kohanski, have any merit to them. We also already busted Celebrity Insider for wrongly alleging the couple is on the “verge of a split.” Stefani and Shelton are not at “war.” But it seems a number of outlets are battling with the truth.

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