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Gwen Stefani is worried Blake Shelton is too unhealthy to have and raise a baby with her, according to a new report. The story, however, is merely sensationalizing months-old comments and a recent on-stage mishap. It is also missing a lot of key facts. Gossip Cop can bust it.

"Broken-Down Blake Scaring Gwen," reads the headline of a questionable article in the Globe. The tabloid announces there is "trouble in paradise" for the couple because Stefani "fears" he is "falling apart physically and won't have enough oomph to be a dad to the baby she's desperate to make." The magazine points out Shelton "recently took a spill on stage," and asserts he "already has a bad back, gout and is losing his hearing from years of loud concerts."

A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Gwen says he could solve his health issues by changing a few things — like wearing protective earplugs, eating better, and stretching and doing some light exercise." This untraceable tipster goes on to contend, "She would love to have a child or two with him as soon as possible, and the last thing she wants is a deaf, crippled dad to deal with as well as a newborn." If that sounds ridiculously dramatic, that's because it is. It is also inaccurate.

First off, the No Doubt front woman is not set on having a baby "as soon as possible" because she's already busy raising three sons while embarking on a new phase of her career. A month ago, Stefani kicked off her Las Vegas residency, which is currently scheduled through March of 2019. That rules out becoming pregnant during the next eight months or so.

Secondly, while the outlet was clearly inspired to manufacture this tale after Shelton's recent "spill on stage," it fails to acknowledge that celebrities have fallen on stage so many times, a number of publications have roundups entirely dedicated to the topic. These are typically innocent accidents, not signs of larger health issues. And, as widely reported, in the aftermath of Shelton's fall, he was cracking jokes about it.

Thirdly, he doesn't need advice on staying fit. In 2015, Shelton famously slimmed down, and just last year, Stefani credited him as her "trainer," revealing they go to the gym together. Though Shelton is known for enjoying his booze, diet and exercise have been part of his life for the past few years, too. In fact, he told People last November, "I think I like exercising more than I ever have." And Shelton is often seen carrying around Stefani's son Apollo, which he wouldn't be able to do if he was truly "falling apart physically."

Fourth, the line about the country superstar suffering from gout and a bad back is taken, without credit, from his "Sexiest Man Alive" feature with People last fall. Shelton shared a humorous anecdote about being younger in age than Stefani, and dealing with growing older. "Lately, things like, I don't know, gout, and a back going out. Or my knees are constantly bothering me. Those are things she's like, 'Aha! How do you like that? You're 41 now, Blake.' She teases me about my age," he said. It was a lighthearted comment that shows the couple's playful side.

But now nearly a year later, the Globe is trying to make it seem like Shelton is currently suffering from serious ailments, putting his future as a parent with Stefani in jeopardy. It should be noted that neither star has ever publicly discussed a desire to have a baby together. And in addition to the four red flags Gossip Cop outlined above, we also checked in with Stefani's spokesperson about the claim she is "scared" for her boyfriend's health and worried he'd be burden atop of a newborn. "It's untrue," the spokesperson, who is authorized to comment on her behalf, tells us on the record.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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