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What happened to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton having twins? Nine months ago, a tabloid claimed the couple was expecting twin girls. Gossip Cop busted the phony story when it was first published and time has proven it to be 100 percent false.

Last December, Life & Style published a cover story insisting Stefani and Shelton were having twins, even referring to the scenario as a "Christmas miracle." An alleged insider said the two had "been struggling with in vitro fertilization" for more than a year, but their efforts had "finally paid off." Not only was the 49-year-old singer pregnant, but she was carrying twins, according to the outlet.

The so-called "source" went on to explain how Shelton had been caring for his "pregnant" girlfriend, saying the country star "brings her herbal tea and an extra pillow for her feet when she needs it." Meanwhile, the tipster said Stefani was making sure she was "getting enough protein and calcium in her diet from things like salmon and broccoli."

The supposed insider also contended that Stefani and Shelton were keeping the baby news to themselves, but the word had been "spreading fast" among their friends. "Even some people around Blake's ex Miranda Lambert have heard the news," added the seemingly imaginary source.

The entire article was based on the word of an anonymous insider, but Gossip Cop reached out to Stefani's spokesperson when the pregnancy rumors were published last December. The singer's rep assured she wasn't expecting one baby, let alone two. It's now nine months later and Stefani clearly hasn't given birth.

The tabloid's inaccurate story isn't so shocking considering that Life & Style has an awful track record when it comes to this subject. In April 2018, the publication wrongly reported Stefani and Shelton were planning a wedding and a baby. Gossip Cop broke down how the magazine manipulated the photo used on its cover, including erasing an alcoholic beverage from the No Doubt singer's hand.

In November 2017, the outlet falsely claimed Stefani had a "baby bump" while celebrating Thanksgiving with Shelton. This bogus story was based one of Stefani's Instagram photos, in which she was wearing a bulky sweater. The gap between the material and her body gave the false appearance of a bump, when in actuality it was just air.

Just one month prior, the tabloid published a cover story claiming Shelton and Stefani had "baby news." They didn't. The magazine's pregnancy reports are consistently disproven with the passage of time. Nine months to be exact.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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