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Gwen Stefani has not come between Blake Shelton and "The Voice," despite a report claiming she's the reason why the country superstar has supposedly soured on the NBC music competition. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

"Blake Wants Out! How Gwen Came Between Shelton & 'The Voice' Execs," RadarOnline is blaring in a headline on Friday. According to the website, there is "bad blood" between the country crooner and network executives, to the point where he "may be leaving the show after this year." The blog contends "all the drama started with [his] lady love."

It's specifically alleged that producers were initially happy when Shelton and Stefani coupled up, and supported their full-on romance by the time season 12 came around. "Producers ran with that and utilized the two for show ratings by giving them a massive bonus under the condition that they would pack on the PDA for all the world to see," claims the site. But because they supposedly "didn't" and were "unaffectionate," a so-called "source" asserts "producers felt really shafted."

Consequently, alleges the blog, "the drama heated up after season 12 ended, and the network announced that they were replacing Stefani" with Miley Cyrus." The purported tipster maintains, "Blake threw a fit when he found out that Gwen was not going to return and that she was replaced by Miley." It's further claimed that he's been "super resentful ever since."

So why, then, did Shelton not only stick it out through season 13 but agree to return for the upcoming 14th season as well? Curiously, the outlet never says. Nevertheless, the online publication insists "bad feelings linger, and Shelton wants out." It's interesting, though, that here it's alleged he "may be leaving... after this year" due to old "drama" involving Stefani when in a story about "The Voice" on Thursday, it was claimed Shelton would bail if Adam Levine did first. That previous article said nothing about purported issues due to Stefani.

A rep for Shelton declined to comment on speculation about Shelton's "Voice" future when Gossip Cop inquired, but we can shed light on the other contentions. It seems RadarOnline is merely regurgitating already-debunked allegations. Gossip Cop busted the website just over a year ago when it falsely claimed Shelton and Stefani were getting a "massive bonus" for playing up their relationship on the show. Even before that, in 2016, we rightly shot down a tale that alleged he was "pressuring" producers to bring her back.

There was even a bogus story about the couple supposedly trying to get Cyrus off the series. Not to mention, the blog also peddled a post about Stefani wanting to permanently leave "The Voice" over Cyrus' participation and Shelton planning to follow suit. That came out in April 2017. Far from quitting, he then did the fall season and is wholeheartedly involved in the one premiering later this month, as evidenced by "The Voice" promo art released last month. All this is to say... the site has spent years peddling a whole lot of nonsense about the pair when it comes to "The Voice" and virtually none of it has turned out to be true.

What's more is the outlet continually makes it seem like Stefani was booted off the show when that's not the case at all. With both exits, she chose to make her music her top professional priority. So, after season 9 in 2015, she released This Is What The Truth Feels Like in 2016. And then after season 12 in 2017, she dropped her first holiday album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, later in the year. Simply, "Gwen wanted to take a break" from the show to focus on other aspects of her career, Gossip Cop is told by a contact, who wasn't authorized to speak on the record.

In addition, Stefani was welcomed back to perform with Shelton this past December. Obviously, if she was unwanted, that wouldn't have been the case. The narrative the publication is pushing just doesn't hold up. It seems, though, that every time there's a new season, RadarOnline starts churning out more and more questionable content to capitalize on interest in the show. Gossip Cop will be on high alert in the weeks and months to come as the new cycle plays out.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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