Gwen Stefani never hit Blake Shelton up with a prenup, despite a report from exactly one year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop said the claim about Stefani having "shocked" her boyfriend out-of-the-blue with the "bombshell" agreement was untrue, and clearly we were right. A full 12 months have now passed, and there's still no wedding planned nor a need for a prenup.

On October 11, 2017, Star maintained the couple was working out details for their nuptials when Stefani essentially ambushed the country singer with "papers she wanted him to sign." The tabloid contended Shelton was so "stunned," it question whether Stefani was "not so sure" of their love. According to the publication's so-called "confidante," there was a "rumored stipulation that if Blake cheats, Gwen gets $5 million."

As we noted 365 days ago, if the magazine truly had an insider, he or she wouldn't refer to a "rumored stipulation." Instead, that person would know for certain if the prenup had verbiage about Stefani getting a big payday should Shelton stray. Similarly, the article later asserted the marriage agreement "reportedly stipulates that she'll keep the tropically decorated Oklahoma compound Blake gifted her." Once more, why would it be "reportedly," if the tabloid actually had a solid source? It also happens to be illogical that the No Doubt singer would want an Oklahoma home nears his if they split up.

As opposed to the outlet, which hid behind an unnamed and untraceable "confidante," and couched its claims behind wishy-washy words like "reportedly" and "rumored," a rep for Stefani exclusively told Gossip Cop on the record the story was false. It was 100 percent wrong then that Stefani was trying to get Shelton to sign a prenup, and it remains untrue to this day.

It was readily apparent from Stefani's appearance on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," in which she talked about her desire to one day marry Shelton, that there were no plans at all for them to wed. Shortly after the inaccurate story about the No Doubt singer wanting the country crooner to "sign on the dotted line," the publication next falsely maintained Shelton and Stefani were "on the rocks," having fought over a prenup.

Interestingly, two months ago the same magazine ran a cover story that untruthfully asserted Shelton and Stefani secretly married on his Oklahoma ranch. Gossip Cop checked with the county clerk's office and found out they absolutely did not wed. Simply, from the time it first ran its bogus prenup article a year ago to today, Star has been repeatedly wrong about Stefani and Shelton's relationship.


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