Gwen Stefani is scared Blake Shelton will never propose to her, reports one of this week's tabloids. It's actually her "worst nightmare," claims the outlet. The entire premise, however, is untrue.

According to Life & Style, the No Doubt singer is afraid her boyfriend of three years will never pop the question, and they won't get engaged. A so-called "source" tells the magazine that Stefani "thought she'd have a ring on her finger by now, and she's rapidly losing patience." "Without that kind of commitment," adds the anonymous tipster, "Blake could easily walk away at any time, which would be Gwen's worst nightmare."

Theoretically speaking, Shelton (or Stefani) could bolt at "any time" whether they're engaged or not. And, of course, both have previously made the commitment of marriage, and still they ended up divorcing their respective spouses. More significantly, Stefani and Shelton have recently expressed in interviews that, irrespective of being engaged or married, they're fully committed to one another.

On December 14, while Shelton was on the "Today" show promoting "Time To Come Home For Christmas," a TV-movie he produced for the Hallmark channel, the country singer gushed about his girlfriend and how their relationship is more than "just dating." He went on to say their love for each other was "meant to be," and that he's "learned more" from Stefani "than I have from anybody ever in my life." "She's everything that you could hope a human being could be," shared Shelton.

Those are hardly the words of a man who might "walk away at any time." And when she was on the "Today" show two days earlier, Stefani unequivocally said "there is zero pressure" to get engaged. Stefani further noted that after overcoming the "hard times" they both endured during their divorces, she's happy she found someone with whom she can "depend on and trust and go through life."

If anything, the only "nightmare" is the tabloid's reporting about the in-love couple. Though not mentioned in its current article, two weeks ago Life & Style published a wholly untrue cover story that falsely maintained Shelton and Stefani were expecting twin girls. At the time, her spokesperson exclusively told Gossip Cop she's not pregnant at all.

In September, the same magazine ran a cover story exclaiming, "Gwen & Blake: They're Married!" The article inside, however, contended Stefani and Shelton were planning their wedding at his Oklahoma ranch. Regardless, Stefani's rep, speaking on her behalf, assured Gossip Cop that was untrue, too.

Curiously, the publication doesn't even attempt to explain how Stefani's now scared Shelton may "walk away," even though it previously asserted they were going to wed at his ranch, and that she's pregnant with his twin girls. It appears the magazine's mode is to fib and then move on. Gossip Cop, however, has a long memory and well-kept archives, which is why we're the tabloids' "worst nightmare."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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