Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Coming To Terms With Never Having A Baby Together?

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Blake Shelton in a blue flannel and black jacket smiles next to Gwen Stefani in a grey and orange sweater against a tan background

By Griffin Matis |

Blake Shelton in a blue flannel and black jacket smiles next to Gwen Stefani in a grey and orange sweater against a tan background

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not struggling to accept the fact they’ll never have a baby together. It’s just a made-up tabloid rumor. Gossip Cop found the premise to be totally untrue.

Stefani and Shelton just recently celebrated her 50th birthday together, and the couple will soon be celebrating their fourth anniversary as a couple. Those happy occasions have inspired Star to concoct this latest story about the couple’s relationship. The tabloid claims the two music stars have been “taking stock about what might be missing — their own bundle of joy.”

“She looks at her future with Blake and wonders if, over the long haul, he’ll be happy without ever having a child of his own,” a so-called “source” tells the outlet. “Gwen knows that at her age, having another baby just isn’t in the cards.”

The alleged insider further contends that the couple was inspired by Janet Jackson’s pregnancy at 51 to explore IVF treatments. “Gwen could see the possibilities,” adds the questionable source, “but she just didn’t think she could put her body through IVF at her age, so the clock just ran out. She tried to get pregnant without a doctor’s help, but sadly, it just wasn’t happening for her.” Stefani, the tipster says, realized “the window’s closed now, and that’s OK.”

Shelton, for his part, isn’t stressed about the situation, according to the magazine, which goes on to say his ambivalence about having kids was a “sticking point” in his previous relationship with Miranda Lambert, but he’s since changed his tune. “Easing into the role of a father with Gwen’s children was really a profound experience for him,” adds the questionable insider. “It was like, ‘Yeah, I may be scared, but I can do this.'”

“Blake loves Gwen with all his heart,” the insider continues, “he’s had two failed marriages and is dedicated to making this relationship work. He knows it’s been hard for her turning 50 and, on top of that, fearing she’s letting him down or worrying that he may want someone younger down the road.”

While the magazine is complimentary of Shelton’s efforts as an additional father figure to Stefani’s three sons, it never addresses why Stefani or Shelton wouldn’t be content with his current role as a stepfather of sorts. “He says they could adopt in the future, but mainly he tried to lift Gwen’s spirits,” the seemingly phony source concludes. “He’s doing his best to make a hard time easier for her.”

It’s interesting for the tabloid to assert that Stefani refused to go the IVF route. Almost a year ago to the day, the magazine boldly proclaimed Stefani was pregnant with a baby girl thanks to IVF. More incredibly, the “baby girl” story wasn’t the tabloid’s only attempt at capitalizing on a bogus pregnancy narrative. Last year, the publication claimed Stefani suffered two separate miscarriages after getting pregnant with Shelton’s child.

The magazine tries to have its cake and eat it too with this latest story. It propagates the typical pregnancy and baby rumors before shutting them down, but like most tabloids, it can’t even keep track of its own falsehoods. Many of Star‘s sister publications have published extremely similar — and extremely false — stories about Stefani and Shelton having a baby multiple times and simply ignored their past reports. Those past failings paint a picture of publications with unreliable sources and a penchant for skipping the fact-checking part of reporting.


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