Gwen Stefani “Hoping For Country Mother’s Day” With Blake Shelton Is Made-Up Story

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Gwen Stefani Mothers Day Plans

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Gwen Stefani Mothers Day Plans

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A story about Gwen Stefani’s hopes for Mother’s Day was made-up, her rep confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop. Unsurprisingly, one site is claiming to know how the famous mom of the three feels about the holiday and how she wants to celebrate it with her kids and boyfriend Blake Shelton. But apparently this “exclusive” was all fabricated. And it will become even more apparent by Sunday night.

The concocted report comes from HollywoodLife, which has a documented history of manufacturing phony tales about the couple, as well as dozens of other stars. In its latest offering, the site asserts that Stefani is “looking forward to a Mother’s Day to remember.” Of course, most moms look forward to the occasion. But the blog specifically alleges Shelton has been “keeping their future Mother’s Day plans a secret,” and “Gwen has a feeling the special day will involve a trip of some kind.” Bizarrely, the blog tries to give credence to its narrative by citing a “member of Gwen’s glam squad,” who asserts, “Gwen has high expectation[s] for Mother’s Day.”

This supposed source contends that after Shelton took Stefani away for the holiday last year, he’s “told her that this year he has something even better up his sleeve.” She is said to have “no idea where he’s taking her, but she’s hoping it will be somewhere country.” The outlet goes on to point out that Stefani has become a fan of Shelton’s Oklahoma lifestyle, and contends that “for Mother’s Day, Gwen would like to relax with her boys in nature.” What’s really going on here is that HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed, is making guesses based off common knowledge.

For instance, it was widely reported a year ago that Stefani and Shelton took a Mother’s Day vacation with her kids to Yosemite. It is also known that the couple regularly spends time together at his Oklahoma ranch and lake house, as Shelton showed off on Instagram just last month. So, the online publication is assuming that their holiday celebration this year will again entail something outdoorsy. The site doesn’t acknowledge, however, that they can’t be too far from Los Angeles on Sunday because Shelton has a live taping of “The Voice” in Hollywood on Monday.

The blog also doesn’t mention that Shelton has openly discussed some ideas for the special day. In an interview with E! Online last week, Shelton said he might spend Mother’s Day cleaning up the weeds around his mother’s home, and while speaking with “Extra,” he joked about giving Stefani a waffle breakfast instead of a pancake one. So instead of sharing what Shelton himself has said on the record, the outlet is instead directing readers to the musings of an untraceable “member of Gwen’s glam squad.”

While it’s certainly possible Stefani and Shelton will head out of town for a Mother’s Day trip, Gossip Cop has confirmed that the blog’s claims are all bogus, much like another recent story that alleged Stefani and Shelton may elope. As was the case with that narrative a month ago, a rep for the No Doubt front woman tells Gossip Cop that HollywoodLies has made-up yet another story. We’ve again been assured that those in Stefani’s inner circle (including members of her “glam squad) don’t spill on her life to this disreputable website. Its “exclusives” simply aren’t real.


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