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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton did not think Miranda Lambert was "petty" at the ACM Awards, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim, which comes from a site that's known for making up stories.

The new tall tale comes from HollywoodLife, which is alternately referred to as HollywoodLies. According to the often disproven blog, Shelton and her boyfriend felt Lambert was being "petty" when, while performing at the ACMs, she changed the Little Red Wagon lyric "I live in Oklahoma" to "I got the hell out of Oklahoma," where Shelton has his home. The site then editorializes how it was "clear" Lambert was taking a "jab" at Shelton, who was at the country music awards show with the "No Doubt" singer.

To pretend it has insight, the site quotes what it contends is a "friend" of Stefani's as saying she was "shocked" by Lambert's lyric change and "embarrassed" for her. The supposed source also alleges Stefani thought the "dig" in Lambert's performance was "silly" and "petty," though she and Shelton were able to "laugh [it] off." Towards the end of its fabricated piece, the habitually discredited blog offers on its own that it's a "little odd" that Lambert would be "throwing shade" when she herself has "found love" and married New York policeman Brendan McLoughlin.

But it's not "odd" if one ignores online speculation, and simply realizes Lambert wasn't throwing shade at Shelton and Stefani. For starters, as the far more reputable People reported, it's not clear Stefani and Shelton were even in the audience at the time. In fact, it appears they weren't seated then, specifically so they wouldn't be filmed watching and reacting to Lambert's performance.

More significantly, Lambert has been singing the lyric "I got the hell out of Oklahoma" for years since she moved out of the state, including back in May 2017 while performing in Louisiana. The Internet similarly went wild when Lambert changed the lyric during a January 2018 concert in South Carolina. Also, it's not like it's her song either. Actually, the story behind the behind Little Red Wagon, which was first recorded by Audra Mae, is that Shelton felt the tune would be great for his then-wife to re-record and had his publisher make it happen. Lambert then cut the single when still married to and living with Shelton in Oklahoma, but switched the lyric post-divorce when she was no longer a resident.

The truth is no real "friend" of Stefani is talking to HollywoodLies about her or Shelton. It appears the repeatedly debunked blog is either taking the word of unreliable individuals posing as their pals or possibly manufacturing it on their own. Conversely, Gossip Cop routinely looks to get on-the-record remarks from actual insiders. Not long ago, when asked about HollywoodLife and its make-believe articles, Stefani's rep told us, "I just pretend they don't exist."

And, of course, not only has Gossip Cop busted the blog over and over for its phony tales about Shelton and Stefani's baby plans and getting married, but we've also singled out how HollywoodLies like to concoct stories about their and Lambert's reactions to different events. For instance, we exposed the outlet for a piece it crafted about how Lambert will react to Stefani and Shelton getting engaged, which was a follow-up to yet another false report about the country singer planning to pop the question on Valentine's Day. We also nailed the site for another fabricated piece about Stefani and Shelton's reaction to Lambert's wedding news.

Lastly and quite curiously, the blog is so focused on churning out one article after another that it didn't realize it previously touched on this topic. Gossip Cop caught the outlet when it similarly made up a piece about how Stefani and Shelton reacted to Lambert supposedly dissing them by changing the lyrics during that 2018 concert in South Carolina. To use that site's verbiage, it's "odd" that wasn't mentioned in the new piece. The truth is HollywoodLies sometimes takes non-events and turns them into "petty" posts.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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