Truth About Gwen Stefani Forcing Blake Shelton To Lose Weight

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Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani weight loss truth

By Griffin Matis |

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani weight loss truth

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating since 2015, and the unlikely pairing of the pop star and country musician has made them a popular target for the tabloids. Many of these fake narratives involve Stefani supposedly forcing her boyfriend to lose weight. Here are a few wrong rumors on the subject that Gossip Cop has busted.

Back in March 2017, the National Enquirer falsely claimed Stefani had banned Shelton from drinking alcohol to get him to lose weight, giving him an ultimatum of dating her or continuing his “regimen of guzzling beer, rum and tequila.” Gossip Cop ran the premise by Stefani’s spokesperson, who told us it was simply “not true.” In the time since we corrected the article, the couple has been spotted drinking cocktails together on multiple occasions, and Shelton even owns a brand of vodka.

In December 2017, the same tabloid published a very similar story about Stefani ordering Shelton to lose weight or risk losing her. Shelton dropped several pounds after his divorce from Miranda Lambert in 2015, but the Enquirer claimed he had gained it all back during his time dating Stefani.

An alleged source claimed Shelton had gotten too comfortable in the relationship, causing him to get “pudgy again.” The outlet further contended that he initially brushed off Stefani’s concerns by joking about the weight, but after he began eating fatty foods behind her back, she put her foot down. In reality, Stefani’s spokesperson laughed at the report and told us on the record that it was “nonsense.”

In January, the Enquirer tried to push this storyline yet again with a piece about Stefani demanding Shelton get fit or get dumped. This time, the tabloid stated that Stefani’s concern over her boyfriend’s weight supposedly emerged when she realized she wanted to have a child with him. The outlet said the No Doubt singer feared that Shelton’s diet of steak, fried chicken, mac and cheese and alcohol would prevent him from living long enough “to see their child grow up.”

Once again, the publication was completely wrong. In fact, Stefani has stated in interviews that Shelton is more active in the gym than she is, and there are no indications that the two are planning on having a child. Stefani’s spokesperson also told Gossip Cop at the time that the rumors were “untrue.”

Less than two weeks ago, the Enquirer’s sister publication, the Globe, came up with a story about Stefani forcing Shelton to stop eating meat for his health. The magazine asserted that Stefani was banning Shelton from consuming “meat and bad carbs” until he lost at least 20 pounds. The article also said Stefani’s passion for working out and vegetarianism had Shelton struggling to keep up with her.

Gossip Cop busted the story after pointing out that Stefani had made Shelton a pepperoni pizza for his birthday in June. And as we’ve mentioned in previous busts, Stefani often refers to Shelton her personal trainer due to how dedicated he is to working out and fitness. Stefani and Shelton’s different backgrounds and lifestyles make them an easy target for these types of stories, but there’s just no truth to them.


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