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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not skipping an engagement and just eloping, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. A rep confirms to us that the claims are both false and fabricated.

HollywoodLife is purporting to have "exclusive details" on how Stefani and Shelton "might just skip out on an engagement to run off and tie the knot." A so-called "source close to Gwen" is quoted as saying, "They talk about it all the time and they way they live together [sic] it's like they are already married." This supposed snitch goes on to allege, "With their busy schedules, Gwen has even talked to Blake about skipping the engagement and instead just eloping on a beach, or in the country somewhere when the romantic mood is right."

Apparently the site is unaware that a couple can get engaged and still elope, so these contentions don't exactly make sense. As defined by, "elope" means "to run off secretly to be married." It doesn't rule out an engagement. Rather, it signifies nuptials that are held without other people's knowledge or involvement. Of course, there's more at issue here than just terminology.

While the blog now maintains the performers might "skip" an engagement, it has previously peddled multiple tales about them getting engaged. Just looking at the last year alone, there are at least four stories that contradict this current narrative (see screengrabs of the headlines below). For example, in May of 2017, the website claimed Stefani wanted Shelton to propose so she could use her down time from "The Voice" to plan a wedding. By October, the outlet speculated the country superstar had "secretly proposed" and they were engaged after Stefani was seen wearing a "huge diamond ring."

Then in December, there was an article from HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, that alleged they'll "never marry if they're not engaged in 2018," and further asserted that "if there's no ring on Gwen's finger by the end of the new year, the couple may take marriage off the table for good." Yet in this latest piece, the aforementioned "source" calls marriage between Shelton and Stefani "inevitable." That's not all. In February, the site claimed Shelton was shopping for a diamond ring to be used in a "Valentine's Day proposal."

Valentine's Day has clearly come and gone without a proposal, so now HollywoodLies is pretending it never made such a contention, or any of the others, so it can offer this new narrative about "skipping" an engagement. But journalism doesn't work in a vacuum. Consistency shows credibility. And the blog's own history shows that it is not credible. What's also notable (and documented below) is that HollywoodLies first alleged Shelton and Stefani were eloping as far back as 2015. A similar claim was made last November, and they've still yet to actually do it. That also shows the website isn't trustworthy.

And that's still not all. Just days ago, the outlet picked up an untrue Life & Style cover story about Stefani not only being pregnant, but planning a summer wedding in Mexico to be attended by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. This new "exclusive" makes no mention of a pregnancy and does not explain what happened to the supposed plans for a star-studded wedding. On top of that, regardless of whether the publication claims there will be a full-on wedding or a secret ceremony, HollywoodLies is wrong regardless. It was reported less than a month ago that Stefani and Shelton are not ready to get married and are happy with their relationship the way it is.

So both scenarios are false: They are not planning a big wedding nor talking about eloping. Stefani's rep already told Gossip Cop earlier this week that the wedding (and pregnancy) allegations were "untrue," and now the spokesperson confirms to us this new story is bogus and fabricated as well. Based on all the evidence Gossip Cop has outlined here, that should be quite clear.



Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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