Gwen Stefani “Seeks Comfort” From Blake Shelton As Las Vegas Show “Tanks” Is Fake News

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Gwen Stefani Residency Tanks

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Gwen Stefani Residency Tanks

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A story about Gwen Stefani seeking “comfort” from Blake Shelton as her Las Vegas show “tanks” is fake news. Not only does the article contain inaccuracies about her residency, but this “comfort” angle is made-up. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Celebrity Insider begins its misguided piece by asserting, “Gwen Stefani’s Las Vegas residency began late last month, but it looks like her Just A Girl show is a bomb.” This contention is based on a RadarOnline report from last week, in which it was alleged Stefani was “devastated” over empty seats at her concert series. The site maintained ticket sales were unsuccessful, and now the blog is parroting those claims.

But Celebrity Insider apparently doesn’t realize that RadarOnline has pulled its report because it was largely bogus. The URL for the original story, which was published on July 11, now brings up a “page not found” message (see below). One day later, Stefani’s camp explained that the show is indeed selling tickets, something that was backed up in a statement from both Live Nation and Caesars Palace.

“The reaction to Gwen Stefani’s ‘Just A Girl’ residency has been nothing short of overwhelming,” said the statement, which specifically noted that ticket sales have “wildly surpassed everyone’s expectations.” Despite these strong comments and the record being set straight, on July 15 Celebrity Insider opted to spread the lies instead of the truth. Then on top of that, the website fabricated the angle about Stefani looking to Shelton for “comfort.”

The outlet points out that Shelton recently joked on Twitter that he was a “stalker” after attending Stefani’s first three shows, but that’s not evidence that she’s seeking “comfort” from him as her residency “tanks.” It’s proof of Shelton being a devoted boyfriend and an admirer of his girlfriend’s work. The online publication actually has no examples at all of Stefani turning to him for “comfort” amid her supposed devastation.

It should also be noted that the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which closely covers the star-studded shows on the Las Vegas strip, did a story on July 14 that revealed Stefani has been getting up to 90 percent capacity, which is considered a success. “Box-office indications are the show is doing well enough to make a profit,” reports the paper. It’s clear Stefani doesn’t have any to be upset over, despite what certain online publications want readers to believe.

Both Celebrity Insider and RadarOnline have a history of misleading fans when it comes to the singer, with the former also recently spreading misinformation about Stefani ending her music career. If the blog can’t report on her accurately, it shouldn’t be doing so at all.



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