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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton did not put having a baby and wedding plans on hold. They never actually had official plans for either of them in the first place. Gossip Cop can bust this wrong report and explain how one particular tabloid is trying to cover up its past misinformation.

In November of 2016, Us Weekly alleged Stefani and Shelton were "starting to finalize" wedding arrangements and had met with vendors for their supposed nuptials. A purported "pal" was even quoted as saying the couple planned to wed "before the end of the year." Gossip Cop, however, learned that no such plans were actually in place. We were proven correct when the year ended without a wedding.

Then nearly 12 months later, in October of 2017, the gossip magazine peddled a cover story in which it claimed Shelton and Stefani were "trying" to have a baby. A so-called "Shelton insider" maintained that while they would "get married one day," they were "right now... hyper-focused on getting pregnant." Now less than six months later, the outlet is flip-flopping on all of these contentions.

In its new article, another alleged "insider" supposedly claims to the publication, "Blake and Gwen have decided to put plans to have a baby on hold... They've decided to not focus on it for the time being." The tabloid insists that "at first, having a baby and getting married were among Stefani's strongest desires," but asserts "that intensity changed over time." And since the 48-year-old Stefani is allegedly "very traditional," the magazine's questionable source claims she "wouldn't want to be pregnant without being married."

Of course, all of this blatantly contradicts its prior stories. First off, the outlet never explains what happened to the couple's purported plans to marry by the end of 2016. It just ignores its error. Second, it's not really clear how or why their alleged baby plans changed in a few short months, aside from the publication maintaining they're happy with the way things currently are. And third, in October it was said marriage wasn't on the horizon because they were focused on getting pregnant, while now in February it's said Stefani would not get pregnant without being married.

The inconsistencies are quite glaring. Here is what's going on: Us Weekly wrongly predicted Shelton and Stefani would get married more than a year ago. It also wrongly predicted she would get pregnant nearly half a year ago. So now the tabloid is giving an excuse for why the two singers are neither married nor expecting a baby. The explanation, however, just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. While Stefani and Shelton remain smitten with each other, they've never actually had plans for a wedding and/or a baby, as Gossip Cop has rightly been reporting for some time now, based on Stefani's rep and others in Shelton's world confirming to us.

In fact, earlier this month, Shelton joked about Stefani giving birth to twins, a clear hit against the gossip media's repeatedly inaccurate stories about them having children. Instead of spreading falsehoods, perhaps Us Weekly and its ilk should just leave the couple be.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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