Gwen Stefani Having Yet Another ‘Miracle’ Baby At 49?

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Gwen Stefani baby

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Gwen Stefani baby

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Gwen Stefani is having yet another “miracle” baby at 49, according to a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop, however, can once again debunk this claim about her being pregnant with Blake Shelton’s child. We’re told pointblank that it’s “untrue.”

According to Star, Stefani and Shelton are “having a girl,” thanks to an “IVF miracle.” The often disproven tabloid exclaims that “after three of dating bliss,” the two singers are “expecting a baby.” The magazine tries to convince its readers that at a recent Halloween party, it was Stefani’s “protruding belly and steady sips of water that really raised eyebrows.” But it should be noted that in none of the legitimate reports about the Halloween party, at which Shelton dressed like a sailor while Stefani was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, was there even a hint about her being pregnant.

Notwithstanding, the publication quotes an unnamed “source” who maintains the No Doubt singer is “still in the early stage, but she’s already starting to show.” “She’s ecstatic and can’t help patting her tummy,” adds the tipster. After giving birth to three boys, the alleged insider asserts Stefani was “desperate for a girl this time,” and so that’s what she’s going to have, thanks to IVF embryo selection.

The magazine’s supposed “source” further contends, “Gwen’s taking very good care of herself and making sure she’s getting enough protein and calcium in her diet, like salmon and broccoli.” Meanwhile, claims the unidentified tipster, Shelton has been bringing Stefani “herbal tea and an extra pillow for her feet when she needs it.” What’s more, the tabloid alleges the couple intends to wed before their baby girl arrives, and because she’ll be showing, Stefani “will opt for a dress with an empire waistline.” “This is the miracle she and Blake have been praying for,” concludes publication’s purported “source.”

Now, where have we read that last phrase before? That’s right, just three weeks ago, Star’s sister publication, OK!, ran a similar cover story about Stefani being pregnant with Shelton’s baby and quoted another “source,” who eerily echoed, “This is the miracle they’ve been praying for.” But, as Gossip Cop previously mentioned, Stefani being pregnant with a girl is actually the “miracle” the tabloids are praying for, so they won’t be wrong again. Perhaps those outlets should instead pray for better sources.

In no particular order, it’s interesting that the magazine says they might tie the knot before the alleged baby is born, because just two months ago that very same publication had a cover story, which Gossip Cop busted, about how Stefani and Shelton had already gotten married on his Oklahoma ranch. That article was a fabrication. It’s also odd the tabloid now asserts they’ve had “three years of dating bliss,” because last year the outlet swore up and down Shelton was “on the rocks” with Stefani. That claim was a lie, as well.

One thing the publication glaringly doesn’t explain is what happened to the “miracle baby” Stefani was reportedly having in 2017? A little more than 17 months ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it ran a cover story that exclaimed, “Blake & Gwen: Miracle Baby At 47!” Much like its other unquestionably inaccurate reports, that article was also based on information the magazine alleged came from an anonymous “source.” Clearly, the outlet’s sources are either ill-informed, not insiders, or possibly just made-up. Conversely, Stefani’s rep, speaking on the singer’s behalf, once again exclusively tells Gossip Cop the latest tale about her having a “miracle” baby girl at 49 with Shelton is 100 percent “untrue.”


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