Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes: No Babies 9 Months After False Pregnancy Stories

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Gwen Stefani Katie Holmes Pregnancy Stories

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Katie Holmes Pregnancy Stories


It’s been nine months since tabloid stories claimed Gwen Stefani and Katie Holmes were pregnant. At the time, Gossip Cop said neither star was expecting, and now time has proven us right.

At the tail end of 2015, Star blared on a cover, “Gwen & Blake Pregnant.” The accompanying story said “sources close to the singers believe they’re expecting.” One such “source” was quoted as saying, “Gwen wasn’t drinking over the holidays, and she relaxed her workout regimen too, so no one would be surprised if she turned out to be pregnant.”

Well, Stefani did NOT “turn out to be pregnant,” just like Gossip Cop said she wouldn’t. That same week, In Touch also declared the singer was “pregnant,” and in early January, continued the lie by claiming she was having a girl. And later that month, Star sister publication OK! alleged Stefani and Blake Shelton were having a “shotgun wedding” because she “pregnant with twins.” Gossip Cop accurately corrected all these claims.

As for Holmes, it was also in January that OK! similarly announced on a cover that she and Jamie Foxx were having a “Wedding & A Baby!” The magazine alleged, “They’re making big plans: moving in, marrying and starting a family of their own.” That was followed in February and March with tall tales about Holmes doing IVF and carrying a baby girl.

All these months have passed, and there’s been no wedding, much less a birth. As Gossip Cop has said time and again, these outlets have fertile imaginations. When they’re not wrongly breaking couples up, they’re creating fairytale sagas about babies and wedding.

But there’s a big difference between tabloid fantasy and reality. And as long as the magazines keep telling these lies, Gossip Cop will continue to hold them accountable.

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