Gwen Stefani did not have a "baby bump" nor was she expecting one year ago today, despite a report from then. The claim was made by one of the tabloids, which falsely maintained the singer appeared "bumpy" at a Halloween party. But as Gossip Cop stated, and clearly time has again proven us right, the only thing fertile back then were the imaginations of the writers at a particular magazine.

On November 9, 2017, In Touch wrongly reported that while trick-or-treating on Halloween last year, Stefani's usually taut belly appeared "bumpy." The tabloid even asserted it had an "eyewitness," who saw the No Doubt singer in a mermaid outfit and "it was obvious" she had a "bump" and a "baby on the way." The same supposed source also told the magazine how "friends" of Stefani were talking about how "Gwen is pregnant right now."

But if there's anything that's become "obvious," it's the tabloid's tipsters really had no inside information or access to Stefani or her "friends." More significantly, as Gossip Cop noted 365 days later (and clearly we were correct), Stefani did not have a baby bump because she wasn't pregnant with Blake Shelton or anyone else's child. And it became obvious to even those without the celebrity connections Gossip Cop has that Stefani wasn't expecting when she was photographed days later not looking remotely "bumpy."

Unfortunately, in the intervening 12 months since that untrue story, the publication hasn't gotten better or more reliable with its Stefani articles. Actually, just one week after its piece about her being spotted with a "baby bump," In Touch flip-flopped and reported Stefani was not pregnant. In that equally absurd tale, the magazine contended the singer simply "believed she was pregnant," but found out later she wasn't. Of course, none of that explains how the outlet's "eyewitness" saw a "bump."

It bears mentioning that the tabloid's sister publication, Star, recently also inaccurately contended Stefani was pregnant with Shelton's baby after she was supposedly seen at a Halloween party this year with a "protruding belly." In that article, a so-called "source" was quoted as saying Stefani was "already starting to show." While Gossip Cop is uncertain why these magazines are fixated with falsely claiming every Halloween that the singer is pregnant, we are 100 percent sure she is not. Stefani's rep, speaking on her behalf, even assured us a little more than a week ago that the latest story was "untrue."

The reason Gossip Cop occasionally revisits articles we've debunked a full 12 months earlier is to show readers that made-up stories invariably get exposed over time. Outlets may allege they have an "eyewitness" or trustworthy sources, but often they really don't. Conversely, Gossip Cop won't publish a bust until we've reached out to a number of individuals connected to the subject of a report. Only after we've diligently fact-checked a claim will we post our determination. We find that creates fewer "bumps" down the road.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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