Gwen Stefani Did NOT “Rock A Baby Bump” On Thanksgiving With Blake Shelton, Despite Claim

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Gwen Stefani Baby Bump Thanksgiving

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Gwen Stefani Baby Bump Thanksgiving

(Gwen Stefani/Instagram)

Gwen Stefani was not showing a baby bump in a Thanksgiving photo with Blake Shelton, contrary to speculation. Additional pictures prove that what many have assumed is a pregnancy belly is actually an optical illusion. Allow Gossip Cop to explain.

“Gwen Stefani Seemingly Rocks a Baby Bump on Thanksgiving With Blake Shelton,” Life & Style is declaring on its website. The tabloid contends, “The former ‘Voice’ co-stars have been trying to get pregnant — and now Gwen is sporting what seems to be a baby bump!” The gossip magazine notes Stefani shared the above photo on Instagram on Friday, and “all fans could focus on was Gwen’s midsection.” With the songstress’ sideways pose, “it seemed like she had a bun in the oven,” asserts the outlet.

To support its contentions that a blossoming belly was on display, the publication regurgitates a recent story from its sister tabloid, In Touch, which claimed Stefani was showing off a baby bump on Halloween. What the magazine is conveniently forgetting, though, is that its sister outlet then flip-flopped, acknowledging that Stefani wasn’t pregnant. In this new case, Life & Style is also ignoring another photo the No Doubt front woman posted from the same Thanksgiving gathering, one that shows her stomach isn’t really protruding and showing a bump at all (see below).

The only reason there seems to be one in the snapshot that’s causing the speculation is because Stefani’s oversized sweater is not flush against her body. The gap between the material and her body is giving the false appearance of a bump when, in actuality, it’s just air. In the other picture, the sweater is flat against her with no bulge. There’s additional photo evidence that further proves Stefani doesn’t currently have a bump on display. At her Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade taping earlier this week, the performer twirled, sending the fringe on her dress upward and outward. With that out of the way, the cameras caught a clear shot of Stefani’s midsection, which didn’t show a bump at all.

The difference in the two photos, the one at the top of this page and the one linked above, is striking, and it’s all due to Stefani’s sweater and pose. She didn’t suddenly grow a bump on Thursday after not having one on Tuesday. All that said, a rep for Stefani tells Gossip Cop she’s not with child.

Gwen Stefani No Bump Photo

(Gwen Stefani/Instagram)

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