Gwen Stefani Hiding Baby Bump Under Loose-Fitting Clothes?

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Gwen Stefani Baby Bump

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Gwen Stefani Baby Bump

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Was Gwen Stefani “hiding” a baby bump under loose-fitting clothes? That was the claim from a website exactly a year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop said the speculation was 100 percent false, and now 12 months later it’s obvious how wrong the report was.

On May 26, 2018, HollywoodLife concocted a story that alleged Stefani was pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby, and was “hiding” a bump. Much like many reports from HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, there was no evidence whatsoever to back up its article’s premise. Basically, the often discredited outlet saw a photo of Stefani in what it termed “baggy clothes,” and simply stirred the pot by questioning whether the No Doubt singer was expecting a fourth child. That, of course, is not journalism. It’s just bad guessing.

And while the site disingenuously maintains in many other stories that it has a “source close to Gwen,” for the piece about her “hiding” a baby bump, no supposed insider was quoted. Clearly, if HollywoodLies truly has Stefani sources, the outlet could have easily checked in with one of them to find out definitively whether or not she pregnant again. Conversely, Gossip Cop fact-checked the habitually debunked blog’s claims, and a rep for Stefani told us on the record she was not having a baby then.

As noted above, HollywoodLies posts a lot of made-up tales about the singer, and it hasn’t become any more reliable in the 365 days since it asserted Stefani was pregnant because she was wearing baggy clothes. A month after that phony report, the blog swore up and down Shelton and Stefani had planned a wedding for the summer of 2018. Naturally, that was also untrue.

Six month ago, Gossip Cop busted the website when it inaccurately contended Stefani planned to use a surrogate to help Shelton realize his fatherhood dreams . Her rep shot down that story, as well as a HollywoodLies tale a little later about Stefani and Shelton collaborating on a joint album.

We also corrected the site when it insisted this past February for the second year in a row that Stefani and Shelton were getting engaged on Valentine’s Day. That also was a total lie. And there are scores of other examples that prove the blog has little to no insight at all into Stefani’s life.

As Gossip Cop has mentioned before, we look back at articles from the past to show how they’re fared over time. Our goal is also to help readers better understanding which outlets they can and cannot trust. In this instance, there’s no question HollywoodLife’s story about Stefani hiding a baby bump was a fabrication and several of its subsequent pieces have also proven to be entirely false.


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