Gwen Stefani “Baby Bump” Report Not True

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Gwen Stefani does NOT have a baby bump, nor is she expecting a baby girl, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report. She is NOT pregnant.

OK! published its new cover on Wednesday, blaring “It’s A Girl!” The issue further announces that Stefani is “due on her 47th birthday,” and points to a supposed baby bump. But before we go any further, Gossip Cop is going to give a short refresher course.

Last November, the magazine said Stefani was “having a baby” with boyfriend Blake Shelton, a claim we accurately debunked and the country superstar mocked. Fast-forward to January, when the outlet then said the couple was having a “shotgun wedding” and Stefani was pregnant with twins. In February, the twins claim was regurgitated.

On April 1, Stefani hit back at the lies by joking that she was pregnant with a baby girl, though she and Shelton made clear she wasn’t actually expecting. Later that month, the tabloid deemed her a “pregnant bride.” And now here we are in May, with Stefani now supposedly carrying a baby girl.

The pattern of inconsistent lies, many of them featured on OK! covers, could not be any clearer. And it’s with this lens that we look at this latest cover story, which babbles on about Stefani’s “miracle baby,” as if its prior reports were never published. But it’s still all recycled falsehoods, just worded a little bit differently and mixed with supposed new details about an October due date and putting the wedding on hold.

No matter how it’s spun, it’s all still inaccurate. Stefani does NOT have a baby bump. And her rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the claim she is pregnant is, once again, “untrue.”

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